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#1 Honda Civic Type R - Vicky Patefield - View Entry

Competition Entry

Name: Vicky Patefield

County: Antrim

Viewed: 6845 times

Votes/Comments: 157

Make: Honda

Model: Civic Type R


#2 Volkswagen Passat CC - David Harvey - View Entry

Competition Entry

Name: David Harvey

County: Cheshire

Viewed: 4670 times

Votes/Comments: 67

Make: Volkswagen

Model: Passat CC


#3 Range Rover Sport - Yasmin Bains - View Entry

Competition Entry

Name: Yasmin Bains

County: West Midlands

Viewed: 3781 times

Votes/Comments: 5

Make: Range Rover

Model: Sport


#4 Dodge Charger - Sarah Fleck - View Entry

Competition Entry

Name: Sarah Fleck

County: Northumberland

Viewed: 3802 times

Votes/Comments: 4

Make: Dodge

Model: Charger


#5 Porsche 911 - Michael Sherry - View Entry

Competition Entry

Name: Michael Sherry

County: East Dunbarton

Viewed: 3957 times

Votes/Comments: 3

Make: Porsche

Model: 911


#6 Escort Cosworth - Mark Hudd - View Entry

Competition Entry

Name: Mark Hudd

County: Wiltshire

Viewed: 3786 times

Votes/Comments: 2

Make: Escort

Model: Cosworth


#7 Sierra Cosworth - Ursula Mackinder - View Entry

Competition Entry

Name: Ursula Mackinder

County: Wiltshire

Viewed: 3669 times

Votes/Comments: 1

Make: Sierra

Model: Cosworth


#8 Jaguar Mk 1V - Maria Dodd - View Entry

Competition Entry

Name: Maria Dodd

County: Clwyd

Viewed: 3906 times

Votes/Comments: 0

Make: Jaguar

Model: Mk 1V


#9 BMW M3 - Paul Bailey - View Entry

Competition Entry

Name: Paul Bailey

County: Worcestershire

Viewed: 3567 times

Votes/Comments: 0

Make: BMW

Model: M3


#10 Seat Leon - Dean Sutherland - View Entry

Competition Entry

Name: Dean Sutherland

County: Highlands

Viewed: 3515 times

Votes/Comments: 0

Make: Seat

Model: Leon


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