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Mitsubishi FTO - Nick Noble - Winner July 2009

Entered for the July 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Nick Noble

Make: Mitsubishi

Model: FTO

Year: 1996

Viewed: 5999 times.

Votes/Comments: 97

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Mitsubishi FTO
Mitsubishi FTO
Mitsubishi FTO

Products Used

How Nick Used Our Products

Wash car first to ensure its clean and grit free. Moisten the Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Bar (you must ensure that the clay bar is always damp/wet) rub it on the car and do it in small sections in a circular motion applying lots of elbow grease, then wash off/polish to seal the clay bar. Paint work should then be smooth to touch with no rough spots.

This process should take you a full day - ensure you have plenty of tea bags!!!

Comments from Voters

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  • Stunning FTO

  • Gorgeous :0)

  • lovely deep shine

  • Argh, the beast!!!!

  • The best!!!!

  • well polished

  • So clean I could eat off it


  • stunner

  • I like that alot

  • very, very nice

  • top notch

  • nice colour

  • uber shiny

  • Polished to perfection

  • Like looking into a mirror

  • Good instructions - if only the sun can come out now!!

  • What a shine

  • top job there fella

  • good job, great car

  • SWEET!!

  • gorgeous shine

  • Go FTO go

  • WOW

  • 100% deserves number1

  • brilliant pictures, great reflections, great products used, great car

  • amazing responses - congratulations

  • welcome round anytime

  • uber clean

  • nice

  • Sparklin

  • Beaut

  • already a winner in my eyes

  • Beautifully Clean

  • Stunning as always

  • sweet

  • Top Class

  • car of the month with that shine

  • squeaky clean

  • Cleanest by far

  • Best looking car in the competition!!


  • gorgeous FTO

  • wanna swap?

  • tasty

  • yummy FTO

  • stupidly clean

  • I need sunglasses lol

  • Gleaming clean

  • Love using the clay bar

  • Thats got the ultimate finish

  • Nice shine

  • Its like looking through glass

  • FANTASTIC condition

  • Ultimate Finish

  • A 'shining' example

  • lovely shine

  • arms hurting??

  • ttt beaut!!!

  • gorgeous

  • lush

  • nice deep shine

  • I love it

  • top job

  • stunning

  • very nice!!!

  • I am gonna give that a go if it comes out like that

  • excellent reflections

  • fantastic condition

  • Great job done there

  • Can you come and do mine

  • Awesome pictures and great reflections

  • I am jealous

  • I wish my car was as shining looking as yours

  • ULTIMATE car

  • super dooper shiny

  • fantastic car

  • 'ultimate finish'

  • HOW CLEAN??!!

  • so shiny and clean

  • agree with all the comments

  • fantastic motor

  • Super job

  • A1 Condition

  • clean, clean, clean

  • perfect

  • You've done a top job there

  • great write up and great results

  • wow - what a reflection

  • amazing finish

  • A1

  • brilliant work

  • nice

  • Car looks very shiny!!!!!!!!

  • LOVE the fto

  • beautiful reflection


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