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NEW Ultimate Finish Forum + Win £50 Gift Certificates
We're delighted to announce the launch of the Ultimate Finish Forum which is now live. Free to register, the Forum provides an opportunity for enthusiasts to post questions and exchange views on a wide range of topics including:-
    • Car Care Products & Accessories
    • Detailing Products & Equipment
    • Machine Polishing Products & Techniques
    • Car Covers & Storage
    • Battery Chargers & Conditioners
    In addition, the 'Studio' section includes information and photos of cars that have been detailed at the Ultimate Detailing Studio whilst the 'Lounge' provides an area to chat about anything else.

    Create Your Own Garage
    The Ultimate Finish Forum also gives members the chance to display photos and details of their own vehicles by creating a Garage. Whether it's a sportscar, classic car, concours winner or a daily driver everyone would appreciate seeing them. You can also win a £50 Gift Certificate - see below.

    Ask The Manufacturers A Question?
    All of the leading manufacturers shown below are providing support to the Forum so if you have any technical questions regarding their products you can now ask the manufacturer direct.
    Dodo Juice
    Deltalyo Kestrel
    Meguiar's UK
    Poorboy's World
    Specialised Covers
    Win £50 Gift Certificates
    To help get things started, we're giving away a total of 8 x £50 Gift Certificates to the best Forum posts and the most complete Garage entries submitted during May. Entries will be judged by the Ultimate Finish Team and prizes awarded to four of the best Forum posts and four of the best Garages.
    Tapatalk Mobile Forum App
    One of the most popular Apps for keeping up to date with your favourite discussion forums. Tapatalk is compatible with over 25,000 forums including the Ultimate Finish Forum and provides a mobile solution for iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Chrome users. The App is widely available and can also be downloaded from the Tapatalk site.
    Contact Us
    If you have any questions regarding the Forum please email us or if you prefer to telephone call us on 0845 838 1200. Lines are open Mon to Fri 8am - 6pm & Sat 9am - 1pm.

    Kind Regards
    The Ultimate Finish Team

    NEW Ultimate Finish Forum - Win £50 Gift Certificates

    Win £50 Gift CertificatesWe're giving away 8 x £50 Gift Certificates to the best Forum posts and the most interesting and complete Garages.

    • 4 x £50 Gift Certificates for the best Forum posts.

    • 4 x £50 Gift Certificates for the best Garages.

    The competition for the best posts and Garage entries will close at midnight on 31 May .... why not start today.

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