Nanolex MATTE Paint & Alloy Sealant

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Nanolex Matte Spray Sealant (100ml & 200ml)

Durable Protection For Satin Matte Paintwork & Wheels.

Matte paintwork requires specialist care with products dedicated to the up-keep of the satin look rather than high gloss shine. Nanolex Matte Spray Sealant is an easy-to-use spray on formulation which leaves behind a natural satin sheen on matte paintwork and wheels.

The anti-sticking properties means once a vehicle has been treated with Nanolex Matte Spray Sealant the surface repels water and dirt, becoming easier to maintain and reducing the chances of introducing scratches during the wash process.

Surfaces must be prepared with Nanolex MATTE Surface Cleaner prior to application.

Designed, tested & produced in Germany.

Sizes: 100ml or 200ml (select from drop down menu above)

Download: How To Use Nanolex Matte Spray Sealant Guide