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Ultimate Finish Customer Loyalty Scheme – Why Pay More?

At Ultimate Finish we think it’s important to give customers value, so we’ve set up a Customer Loyalty Scheme┬áto let you know that your loyalty is really appreciated. The scheme, unique to Ultimate Finish works on a simple premise – … Continue reading

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Total BMW Talk ‘Wheel Protection’ With Ultimate Finish

Wheels can make or break the look of a car and people who love to keep their cars looking great all have the same issue: getting wheels clean and keeping them that way! Winter driving is particularly hard on wheels … Continue reading

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A Hands On Guide To Machine Polishing with Total BMW

These days machine polishing is not just for the professional detailer – many amateur enthusiasts are using it to improve the appearance of their vehicle without having to pay someone “in the know” to come in and do it for … Continue reading

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Total BMW Give The Thumbs Up To Ultimate Snow Foam

Non-contact, pre-wash cleaners have seen a rise in popularity as people become increasingly aware of the potential for damaging paintwork, even when hand-washing a car! Total BMW paid a visit to the Ultimate Detailing Studio to get to grips with … Continue reading

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