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Why DIY Car Washing Will Never Really Go Out Of Fashion

Recently an article featured in AutoExpress magazine discussed the demise of the weekend tradition of washing the car at home. Whilst we agree with the articles author, Mike Rutherford, that the sight of a neighbour out with his bucket and sponge on a Sunday morning is becoming a rarer one, there are some for whom the […]

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Ultimate Finish Host The First UK Nanolex Detailer Training Day

German car care and detailing brand Nanolex – now well-known as being car sealant aficionados – visited Ultimate Finish HQ at Brands Hatch Race Circuit in Kent, to take us through their very first UK ‘Detailer Training Day’. Organised by the official Nanolex UK distributors Three60 Limited, Nanolex Car Care owner Florian Kessler – alongside Nanolex’s in-house […]

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