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1994 Porsche 928 GTS – A Modern Classic Restored

Impossible as it may be to believe now, during the 1960’s Porsche considered the 911 model to be coming to the end of its reign. Slow sales seemed to reinforce this idea, along with the rise in popularity of the luxury grand tourer. With this in mind, Porsche set their sights on a luxury grand […]

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Porsche 911 GT3 – Born In Flacht, Restored At Brands Hatch

Flacht – the home of Porsche Motorsport, the place where the racetrack meets the road to deliver cars that set pulses skyrocketing. The 911 GT3 is no exception as part of a 4 car line-up which includes the GT3 RS and 2 race cars (GT3 Cup and GT3 RSR). As such, the GT3 delivers the […]

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Ferrari 360 Spider – Pre-Sale Vehicle Preparation And Protection

For most people, when buying a Ferrari, they’re buying into an idea, a legacy. How that legacy is presented to them makes all the difference. If you are selling a Ferrari, the preparation and eventual cosmetic appearance are particularly important. A thoroughbred has to look the part, after all! So when a well-known independent Ferrari […]

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