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NEW – Dodo Juice Fin Cut Machine Polishing Pads

Machine polishing pads come in all sorts of materials, shapes and sizes – wool pads, microfibre pads, foam pads, waffle pads, big pads, small pads…..the list is endless. Everyone has their favourite combinations. Ultimately, all the pads are designed to help users achieve a ‘showroom’ look on their vehicle, whether compounding to remove oxidation and […]

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Dodo Juice Introduce Nano Ceramic Sealants To Their Range

Dodo Juice has built up a reputation based on the outstanding quality of their natural carnauba waxes and a host of other, high performing car care products. With the exception of the Supernatural Hybrid Wax the products have all largely been based on organic ingredients. Never afraid to try something new, or to rise to […]

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All New Machine Polishing Kits Available Now !

Ultimate Finish has been supplying Machine Polishing Kits to enthusiasts and seasoned professionals for many years. Customer needs evolve over time, requiring kits to become more sophisticated for some users, whilst maintaining an accessible entry point for those just starting out with machine polishing. In order to keep abreast of these on-going changes the entire range […]

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