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Understanding Modern Automotive Paintwork

Paintwork defects such as scratches, swirls and holograms are all removable by machine polishing. Machine polishing is a recognised method of paint correction for professionals and a growing number of amateur enthusiasts are also taking up the handle. But how much is commonly known about the process behind paint correction and the science behind paint […]

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SCHOLL Concepts – Innovative Paint Finishing Products

SCHOLL Concepts has been popular with bodyshops and professional detailers for a long time now. Their products have rapidly gained momentum, as word of their ease of use and remarkable results spreads. As the  ‘detailing craze’ sweeps across the UK,  more and more car enthusiasts are getting the bug for it and want products they can get […]

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Ultimate Finish Exclusive – Worldwide Launch of Gtechniq EXO

Launching today exclusively at Ultimate Finish is the long-awaited EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating from Gtechniq, home of Smart Surface Science. Gtechniq’s C1+ Crystal Lacquer quartz-based sealant revolutionised the way professionals looked at car surface protection and has proven to be vastly superior to traditional types of polymer sealants. Its super durable, highly dirt repellent and scratch-resistant properties continue to be class […]

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