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Ford Mondeo - RICHARD MERCH SABINO - Winner June 2011

Entered for the June 2011 competition.

Competition Entry


Make: Ford

Model: Mondeo

Year: 2001

Viewed: 7956 times.

Votes/Comments: 102

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Ford Mondeo
Ford Mondeo
Ford Mondeo
Ford Mondeo

Products Used

How RICHARD MERCH Used Our Products

The car is rinsed with plain water first to lose dirt and other contaminants on the car and then it will be washed with Snow Foam, rinse again and clayed using Megs Smooth Surface Clay kit. The car will then be washed again. Once it's dry, AG Super Resin Polish will then be applied to the car followed by AG Ultra Deep Shine or AG HD wax. For the tyres, Megs Endurance High Gloss is applied.

Comments from Voters

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  • Nice silky wet look, stunning!

  • A bit too red for me, but like the red leather and wheels


  • Very nice deep shine :)

  • this car is stunning and well looked after.

  • nice car for a nice guy, macho shiney clean car! i wish i have a car like this

  • Nice wheels!!!

  • Great shine! Unbelievable how it's so gleaming. Hard work pays.

  • gleaming!!

  • This, my friends, is what a car should be, everyday.

  • WOW! Nice car and love the color as well..

  • Can't imagine it better than that, stunning!

  • perfect... nice wheels!

  • looks amazing! awesome job

  • loved the color! :)

  • WOW!HANDSOME CAR! LOVE THE COLOR! Very well maintained!

  • Very nice car! Well done mate!

  • smooth... i want to have one...

  • great Car! nice set up...

  • Aprub!!!!!!

  • Awesome car! Job well done.

  • a six letter word can describe your car Merch..SUPER_B!!!! Good Job..-pontong=D

  • Excellent job Merch!

  • nice car richard merch sabino. LUctor Et Emergo!

  • cracking car,superb finish!

  • looking very smart, lovely shine inside and out

  • Nice and clean.

  • Super car

  • An absolutely immaculate example,a lot of hard work involved

  • Very nice and well maintained!

  • Nice!

  • A for Awesome!

  • Nice... Simple yet elegant:-)

  • Nicely done!! Good detailing inside out!!

  • What a gorgeous toy you have!

  • Nice car.. love the color..

  • this car indeed has the ultimate finish! keep it up!

  • i would love to have a car like that :)

  • Beautiful Car it should be considered winner for me..

  • Nice wheels, nice shine, good set up.

  • wow nice car my friend d best,..

  • Very nice car indeed! A Car show finish! I love it!

  • Very nice car mate. Well done!

  • stunning finnish amazing wetlook.a credit to you.

  • Looks as good as if it were in a showroom

  • very nice reflection shots and very shiny

  • nice car, fresh and clean.

  • Very impressive! Love it so dearly. Great Job!!!!

  • Waaw! Great looking car. I'm jealous

  • nice..

  • The car looks fantastic! Very good job!

  • Very nice Merch.

  • Angkintab!!!!! Very nice!!!

  • ooooh, shiny!

  • like the car its very nice a1

  • Nice one pre!!! Keep it up!!! I sure would to ride in that car when I come and visit you there.

  • Excellent work

  • Lovely,

  • This car glows. The colour of the interior is beautiful.

  • Nice....

  • nice car kuya :)

  • looks great....

  • The car deserves to be in an International Autoshow! Great finish!

  • tres bien

  • i love your car, specially the red, shiny finish. good job!

  • im voting for this entry, so shiny very well taken cared of, well maintained very impressive !!!!!

  • you could swim in that polishing it looks that deep

  • lovely car, not easy to make a car look this good, love it :)

  • All it needs now it some flames from the exhaust, wish my mondie was as spotless

  • Nice!

  • Stunning!!

  • awesome shine great motor

  • Awesome car!

  • This car is red and hot......!!!!

  • if carlsberg did wouldn't beat this stunning job

  • this is a very very nice example of a already great car.

  • Love The ST and Great looking car there

  • A rare beast this car, top shine on it too, well done!

  • damamangan beats it!!!

  • Looks fantastic, lovely colour

  • stunning mondeo&stunning paintwork,great job alround!

  • Surely no competition aginst this. You must be proud of that, I feel proud that its a Mondeo.

  • Wow great looking car, paint finish is tops

  • stunning, it is a testament to your hard work

  • thats one very hot looking mondeo there mate

  • The car is a visual eye candy with its smooth curves, superb glossy finish and lush interior.


  • Go Merch!!!! -- Jey-aiy

  • Wow! Wish I could get my Mondeo as shiny as that. Awesome.

  • a lot of work, and it's paid off, car looks stunning mate

  • very nice example of a tasty modified mondeo :)

  • Such a stunner!!! Even better in the flesh :D Photo's dont do this car justice!!

  • Thats once shiny motor!!!

  • i vote for this one

  • love it best colour mondeo imo

  • I wish my car looked as clean and shiney as that! perfect finish!

  • was proud to have this car on our stand at trax 2010, pure quality -

  • Every part of the car looks splendid!! Could look at this car all day long!

  • Very Shiney

  • gleamimg finish, very nice

  • I need to borrow this guy, lovely colour, lovely shine.

  • Bloody hell, that's the shiniest Mondeo I've ever seen. Nice one!

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