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Renaultsport Clio 197 - David Snape

Entered for the March 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: David Snape

Make: Renaultsport

Model: Clio 197

Year: 2008

Viewed: 6048 times.

Votes/Comments: 146

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Renaultsport Clio 197
Renaultsport Clio 197
Renaultsport Clio 197
Renaultsport Clio 197

Products Used

How David Used Our Products

I wanted to show that it's NOT impossible to achieve great results by using some traditional methods, affordable products and try out some of the newest products...all with patience and dedication. My car is a 2008 '57 Renaultsport Clio 197 in Albi Blue, a beautiful colour that when detailed reveals all its glorious colour.

The paintwork is in 'good' condition and I wanted to bring out the mica in the paint. My first attention was to wash the wheels and inside of the arches. Used a degreaser, and brush, then rinsed off using a hose. Clayed to give a smooth surface to add Poorboys Wheel Sealant. I then washed the car using two bucket method with a microfibre mitt and Autoglym Bodywork Shampoo. Quite a straight forward process. Rinsed off, and then repeated.

After rinsing, my next step is to move onto using the Meguiars Clay Kit, plenty of detailing spray and the clay, one panel at a time, using a clean microfibre to wipe off the lubricant after. Already a shine is evident.

Next up, Autoglym Super Resin Polish, hand applied in a light coat, removed using a microfibre. After this, a second coat is applied again, by hand, and removed.

The next process is to use the Autoglym EGP - great product, much underrated but very effective- applied in thin coats and repeated, works very well. Again, by hand.

Glass work done inside and out using Autoglym Fast Glass. Any residue on the plastics and trim from the SRP and EGP can be removed by using the Autoglym Fast Glass on them.

The wheels are ready to take the sealant by Poorboys, and the bodywork, the Nattys Paste Wax (Blue). Again, for the bodywork, do many thin coats, a real pleasure to use the Nattys Paste Wax. Before applying this, the car was shining after the AG products, but this gives a subtle darkening to the paintwork and that added protection.

The wheels were sealed and you can then use the Nattys on these too, for extra shine. Rubber door seals and treated with Autoglym Vinyl & Rubber care on an applicator pad. Again, an easy to use product and easy to remove over spray with some detailer.

Other parts were sprayed with GT85, a super versatile product, gives a natural waterproofed protection and blackens plastics when left to dry naturally; also, Meguiars NXT Speed Detailer is very good for plastic trim, especially for its price.

Tyres were treated using Poorboy's Bold & Bright Tyre Dressing, it was my first time using it and it gives a satisfactory lustre and is lasting well even now.

Comments from Voters

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  • Pleasing to the eyes, sooooooo jealous

  • sound motor mate

  • LOVE IT!

  • Fine looking

  • Nice results

  • After careful thought you get this vote!

  • Care and attention

  • Me like!

  • Das the winner

  • Wicked colour

  • Cruize Mids likes this

  • Pretty darn good

  • Wicked car

  • Shiny, shiny!!

  • thats fantastic

  • Verrrrrry nice

  • Nice!

  • Nice!!

  • fantastic

  • Better than the rest! Good luck

  • lovely car

  • Nice one!

  • Looks really nice ;)

  • Looks beautiful!

  • Looks really good

  • Looks superb it does

  • looks very deep and wet :0)

  • Awesome look

  • Unreal, hope you win geeze

  • Bling bling baby

  • Ice cool

  • just fabulous

  • Hope you win mate. Looks good

  • well tidy

  • Si si si!

  • Are you at FCS this year? See you there dude

  • Looks real deep paint that

  • Looking good

  • Inspiring!

  • Shexy!

  • Shiny!

  • Par excellence!

  • Looking good David!

  • French beauty!

  • As cool as Ice blue!

  • I love the Clio sport, looks fab

  • Super

  • Looks great pal

  • Sweet wagon.....

  • cool car! trading my focus for one of these

  • Smart car

  • Seen your car around, looks sweet

  • Hope you win!

  • Might have to try the Nattys next

  • Great finish. Blue is best

  • Looks crackin'

  • I recently got some PB Bold and Bright, good results from it!

  • Perfect.

  • I'll try using sealant and wax from now.

  • SRP is underrated.....bril result!

  • Oooh la la!

  • I have the same car, I chose the wrong colour though!

  • Im inspired!

  • Like your sidelight bulbs

  • Is the performance as good as the looks? Great

  • Agree with the Cup wing comment and it looks great fella

  • Sweet car

  • Whoa that is the shinest car i have ever seen!!!!

  • AG all the way!

  • Really nice car :)

  • Love it love it

  • For great results try SRP with a machine polisher!

  • Really excellent work, shows off the paintwork perfectly. Well done!

  • nice and shiny MS

  • cool love the 197

  • great work fella looks awsome,

  • A Cup wing would top that off! A+

  • Tres bon mon amis! Tres bon!

  • Ciao bellissimo!

  • Try the Dodo Blue Velvet, would work wonders on this!

  • Superduperfly!

  • Nice colour

  • Prefer the red, but this is really nice, good job!

  • You got the looks this month

  • Sweet mate......

  • I love the 197.......

  • Ah mate, loving the sheen on the Albi, nice! That is immaculate.

  • I like the fact you have used half the stuff I have in my garage but haven;t ever bothered with!

  • I've so gotta get my lil Renault looking like this.........can you do mine? You in the North??? Lol!

  • That's a really great job especially as it's been done in these horrid weather months, lovin the 197

  • Excellent work there.

  • Excellent results

  • love the lines of the car... really brings it out!!! well done

  • Love the finish.....Natty's is great on blue :)

  • Very Shiny....Very Impressive

  • Wow, looks fantastic

  • Looking good - when you win all your goodies, feel free to pop round and give mine some TLC

  • I agree, AG products are often overlooked- impressed mate...

  • wow, David you can clean my car any day! It's beautiful.

  • Im astounded mate, its looking really good, far better than most..See you at the French Car Show....

  • It's a close call, but this just shows that extra detail...........

  • I've looked at this a few times and still really envious of the look you got on your RS.....

  • My God, that is the shiniest car I have EVER seen!!

  • That is so shiny, I think I can see myself through the computer!

  • I know alot of work has gone into that! lol

  • Very, very clean david

  • awesome

  • Looking good

  • Agreed, he AG products are really good value, used properley give results better than their price...

  • ooooooh shiny!

  • Nice to someone taking pride over their motor! Fantastic job! The shine and colour are amaing!

  • very nice

  • That really is impressive.....Nice one..always been a fan of the blues....!!!

  • Looking really really sweet.......

  • spotless

  • Very nice little clio

  • Gleaming!

  • Fantastic

  • love the reflections mate top work

  • Thats awesome hun, looks amazing

  • It's looking good..this colour really is superb when detailed.........

  • Fantastic effort! Albi has always looked fantastic once clean.

  • very nice...the 197 looking at its best!!

  • Looks superb great finish

  • Lovely mate, if I had a car, I'd employ you to clean it!!!

  • looks great!!! lovely colour

  • Good stuff. Gleaming.

  • Looks very good. Think I should go and wash my car now.....

  • Looks very nice.....

  • Beeeyoootiful! You deserve to win fella.

  • amazing shine dude.

  • that man should be a pro, has a serious passion for his car and cleaning it

  • Fantastic work!......Spot on!

  • What a beautiful looking specimen of a car!! Its so clean and shiny....ooh la la!!

  • Wow DS,another great job.The combo of Meguiars Clay Kit+Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection looks ace

  • Looks great! Nice one.

  • i've just seen my reflection in that! great job

  • David is a geek of the motorsport world!

  • This is the shiniest car I've seen in a very long time! It looks fab :-)

  • Nice!!! RSUK

  • It's a good thing I'm wearing my shades!

  • Great looking car, even more spectacular given it's a daily. Recommended A+++++++++++++++++

  • Looks very good - will definately try the products

  • wow..that is like the shiningest car what my eyeglobes ever sawed!!1

  • Looks great mate. A great way to show off a great car.

  • bootiful

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