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Ford Mondeo ST220 - Ronnie Templar Kennedy - Winner July 2015

Entered for the July 2015 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Ronnie Templar Kennedy

Make: Ford

Model: Mondeo ST220

Year: 2002

Viewed: 5175 times.

Votes/Comments: 76

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Ford Mondeo ST220
Ford Mondeo ST220
Ford Mondeo ST220
Ford Mondeo ST220

Products Used

How Ronnie Templar Used Our Products

My car is a 2002 Mondeo ST220 in original paint. I pre-washed her first using snow foam, after that washed again and used a clay cloth from The Clay Cloth Company for paint correction. All drying was done with the waffle drying towels.

Once done I applied Black Hole Show Car Glaze and Collinite 915 wax was used to full effect (love the stuff).

I used the Flexipads applicator to put the polish and wax on the car, given their size and make-up more polish goes on the car and less waste. Final step was to clean the interior using the Valet PRO leather and vinyl cleaner and also their glass cleaner.

Lastly I used SONAX net shield giving our ST 6 month’s protection and a hell of a finish. In one picture you can see the ST sat next to our other ST220 with new paint, giving a good comparison to 13 year old paint with these products on and my detailing skills.

Comments from Voters

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  • lovely car should win

  • Nice vehicle gothing looks great

  • keep up the good work ronnie

  • Lovely car

  • awsome car!!!

  • Brilliant ! Gets my vote anyday

  • Best of luck Ronnie

  • This is a fab looking mondeo st220. I've seen it up close. Stunning car and the owner is a helpful

  • lovely looking car

  • would love to see my wonderful friend Ronnie to win this como he is so dedicated to his cars

  • Stunning

  • Beutiful

  • Spot on lovely looking car đŸ˜ˆ

  • cracking car ron

  • the paint looks a mile deep, fantastic finish

  • one Hell of a good looking Car, Ronnie

  • Loving how this car is coming on looking so different to how she was when you got her

  • Damn nice car

  • Work of art

  • Awesome car

  • absolutley stunning

  • Showroom finish.

  • That's amazing

  • Good luck M-O SE McBride

  • Stunning car Ronnie

  • Awesome!

  • Stunning finish.

  • nice

  • Like a fine pair of bulled shoes. A stunning example! Good luck Ronnie

  • Looks really good :)

  • Stunning car

  • Very nice

  • nice work

  • Nice car

  • what a stunner

  • awesome!

  • looks stunning

  • Lovely car Ronnie

  • Smart

  • She's a stunner!!

  • Stunning motor

  • perfection

  • love this motor

  • Top stuff Ronnie! :)

  • She's a stunner

  • stunning. simply stunning

  • Looking good as always

  • Good effort Ron... looking good!! Rich

  • Gorgeous car

  • Hard work has paid off here Mr Kennedy

  • Excellent shine!

  • .

  • Good work

  • Amazing piece of kit

  • Love this car

  • Perception

  • I wish to vote for ronnie templar kennedy and his st 220

  • Stunning example. Lovingly cared for. Best mondeo ever.

  • Lovely well kept motors.

  • Great car. Well looked after

  • Very nice, not what you would expect from an ugly sister

  • What a beautiful looking car. Simple yet sophisticated.

  • Great looking car!!

  • Very nice indeed


  • M-O very impressive Ronnie

  • You will never find a car that is so mint& the shine is unreal.

  • Super

  • Stunning cars

  • Got to be the 2nd best looking ST220 I've ever seen. After The Goththing in the backgroundof course.

  • Looking good Ronnie

  • Good luck

  • beautiful.........and awesome looking motor

  • Gorgeous car at the start of its new life

  • very nice motor

  • Stunning !

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