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BMW 525i M-Tech - Joel Farrell - Winner October 2015

Entered for the October 2015 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Joel Farrell

Make: BMW

Model: 525i M-Tech

Year: 2006

Viewed: 4411 times.

Votes/Comments: 64

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BMW 525i M-Tech
BMW 525i M-Tech
BMW 525i M-Tech
BMW 525i M-Tech

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How Joel Used Our Products

Since we had good weather I decided to do the whole car, this would take two days, one tip when doing detailing at each step have a tea and cake. 1. Used demonshine foam on whole car fixed to hose pipe, clean car to remove dust etc. 2. Cleaned engine bay with gunk using brushes and microfibre towels, cleaning all components, hoses pipes etc. This takes time but the results are great when finished. Turn engine on for a few mins to warm slightly to spray on gunk engine lacquer and protector. 3. Next step is to detail wheels, I used Meguiar’s GC shampoo with was mitt and brushes to clean inside and outside of wheels. Once clean and dry I put on smartwax to get a good shine and put on smart sealant on afterwards to protect from brake dust and road dirt. The tyres are cleaned and meguiars endurance gloss tyre protection applied. 4. While washing the wheels in step 3 I have my two more buckets to wash the whole car again with meguiars GC shampoo once done I dry car with Meguiars. super thick natural chamois, place on dabbing not rubbing, to remove water. 5. Next step is to clay bar whole car using Meguiar’s clay bar and G3 body shop detailer to lub clay. Doing one panel at a time and using microfibre towels to buff car. I then get my Meguiars DA machine with yellow pad on and using Autoglym ultra deep shine polish the whole car, doing one panel at a time and buffing with microfibre towel. The next step is to use Poorboys Blackhole show glaze with a G3 waffle pad to go over any fine marks etc. to get a real shine on paint work. I may go overboard but I like trying new products and using Meguiar’s dark wax paste made a big difference to bring out the black on the car. 6. The final stage for the bodywork is to use Meguiar’s NXT 2.0 for the roof and sides of the car, Dodo blue velvet for the boot lid and Swissvax on the bonnet, using these waxes this way allows you to see how good your car looks in all times of the day. 7. The exhaust tips are cleaned and polished with Meguiars NXT all metal polish and the glass on the car are cleaned with Autoglym glass polish. You know that all the time and effort is worth it because people at work and around are always saying the car looks really good.

Comments from Voters

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  • Looks amazing, good job.

  • very nice Joel. good luck. Joel, Joel, Joel, Joel

  • WOW! That’s a shiny bonnet!

  • welldone jolly looks awesome

  • nice one mate

  • super

  • Well done joe

  • That looks fantastic. Good job.

  • Joel's. Car looks amazing. Looks like it has come straight out of the showroom. Fantastic job.

  • Nice looking motor mate

  • Nice finish Joel

  • It's that shiny you need at least Factor 10 to prevent sunburn if you go within 20 meters of this ve

  • Nice

  • Niiiiiiice!!

  • Go Joel

  • Looks awesome mate, really good , you can do my black e92 320D If you want Joel!! Bry

  • Looks gorgeous! Joel can you clean my car please?

  • Awesome job as usual!!

  • Great looking car and nice and clean

  • Always a clean and nice looking car. Well done Joel

  • Nice job, very shiny

  • Superb job Joel

  • Nice example very tidy I want one

  • Really good, top quality

  • simply the best. Better than all the rest.

  • lovely finish..

  • Looks good!!

  • This is amazingly clean seen this in person

  • Wow !!!!

  • Looks a really nice car

  • Car looks fantastic I wish you cleaned my car !!

  • Good looking car good write up

  • Superb job

  • Fantastic looking car, well done!!!

  • Excellent work. Great finish

  • Not seen a car done to such a high standard

  • Great looking car

  • real nice shine

  • Really nice and clean car,

  • Top job Joel,some real hard work gone into that.

  • Fantastic finish on a difficult colour to keep clean A+

  • Nice looking car. but I think you missed a spot.

  • Excellent finish Joel

  • Excellent job, very thorough inside & out.

  • Good work Joel,time and effort well spent!

  • A Credit to all of your hard work

  • Flawless shine and an excellent tone of colour I like it very much

  • Looks very nice

  • Great looking car .

  • car looks great

  • excellent example of a fantastic car

  • 10/10 for effort and detail cleaning this fantastic car. you get what you pay for! Great work!

  • Wow looks so lovely, well done! A lot of hard work paid off it looks fantastic.

  • Wow, looks awesome Joel wish I could get that shine on my car

  • The car just looks fantastic it looks like a lot of time and effort went into this. 5 stars

  • Looks like alot of time and effort has been spent and paid off as the car looks awesome! Well done!

  • good job

  • Excellent looking car and write up good,very helpful

  • Good all round work.

  • what a job,good write up

  • Wow! Brilliant description and superb cleaning!

  • very good work.

  • Very detailed write up and looks immaculate.

  • Brilliant write up and advise. Stunning car!!

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