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VW Beetle - Zoe Dey - Winner August 2009

Entered for the August 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Zoe Dey

Make: VW

Model: Beetle

Year: 2008

Viewed: 6077 times.

Votes/Comments: 79

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VW Beetle
VW Beetle
VW Beetle
VW Beetle

Products Used

How Zoe Used Our Products

Car was treated to a first wash without the dealer touching it. The process was:

Car snow foamed and left to dwell for 5 mins.

Wheels cleaned with MEGUIARS Hot Rims All Wheel Cleaner.

Car then fully rinsed and washed using the 2 bucket method and DODO JUICE 'Born To Be Mild' Shampoo.

Car then clayed using BILT-HAMBER Soft Auto Clay to remove transport grime and glue with MEGUIARS Last Touch as lube.

Car then rewashed as before and dried.

Paint was then treated to DODO JUICE Lime Prime Lite before 2 layers of DODO JUICE Orange Crush wax over a 12 hour period topping up with DODO JUICE Red Mist.

Interior carpets were cleaned, and all trim in side and out treated to MEGUIARS All Season Dressing as well as all plastics in the engine bay.

Comments from Voters

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  • Keep it clean and looking mean!

  • Can't bare to see this car dirty. Looks lush!

  • VW's eat your heart out!

  • Detailers would be proud

  • Great work on the car. looks shiney as the sun!

  • Great car hunny

  • Detailed to perfection!

  • Great pics, and a super car!

  • Car looks truley amazing

  • Tony says its GRRRRRREAT!

  • Beefy car

  • Good job hun!

  • Get some rims on it!


  • Knock one up for the beetle owners

  • Purrrfect!

  • Creamy goodness, looks superb

  • Stunner, the car not you :D

  • Great car and fantastic photos, well done

  • Top work!

  • Great job on the cream!

  • Lovely detail Zoe

  • Corr thats a shiney car hun

  • Love this shape beetle, do it for the new skool

  • Missus Ells FTW

  • Creamy Dream, you go girl friend!

  • Corrrrrrrrrrr what a stunner

  • that looks amazing

  • This car looks loved and cared for

  • Looking sweet

  • She just luvs that bug !!

  • as an x spraypainter the bug has a showroom finnish

  • ZoeBug looks awsome.

  • Dodo juice kit is awsome and the car looks super

  • Get rid of the hubs and your onto a winner hun

  • The colours driving me loopy.

  • This car has the 'ultimate finish' see what i did there ;)

  • Get some herby graphics on her :D

  • Notch one up for the female detailers

  • Lush

  • Great car chick!

  • Car looks super.

  • Spiffing shine young lady

  • I love this car, totally outstanding!

  • Get some supernatural wax on her ;-)

  • Awsome

  • This is my fave car of all time

  • WOW What a stunner!

  • Wow, car looks fabulous!

  • looks lovely zoe, you'll have to show dad how to clean his when you come over!

  • Quality Herbie

  • very nice ... for a girl:-)

  • Detailing world has played a part in this car lol xx

  • Tip top clenlyness!

  • very nice car

  • nice clean car looks the business

  • +++

  • Slam it and rim it, otherwise its beautiful xx

  • Sweet shine especially on the light colour.

  • Well done Zoe, looks so much better than the KA

  • Looking good.

  • car looks great

  • Looking good!

  • lovely looking car and soooo clean

  • Superb Finish and detail!

  • Super superb very well looked after and so so clean

  • nicely cleaned car Zoe, when you cleaning mine

  • oober clean car - very jelous!!

  • Nice finish - super dooper Zo

  • lovely detailing, keep it up


  • Good attention to detail & very well looked after

  • Top car x

  • Superb products and nice Beetle, owner not bad either ;O)

  • Lush bug, perfect finish, keep up the good work

  • Whooop Go MRs Ells You Can Do It .. klo x

  • Alot of effort has gone into this, well done!

  • Cream looks so good on the arches!

  • Lush motor, such a shine!

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