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Porche 911 Carrera 4 - Stuart Hurd

Entered for the August 2009 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Stuart Hurd

Make: Porche

Model: 911 Carrera 4

Year: 2007

Viewed: 5001 times.

Votes/Comments: 18

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Porche 911 Carrera 4
Porche 911 Carrera 4
Porche 911 Carrera 4
Porche 911 Carrera 4

Products Used

How Stuart Used Our Products

Ok, first off full snow foam, rinsed and then washed using AG bodywork shampoo. Dried using MF cloths, and then clayed with Meguiars's clay and lube. Wheels cleaned with Meguiars's wheel brightener, then treated to a layer of SRP and the 2 coats of Collinite 476's.

Onto bodywork! first step once clayed was to apply the Zymol HD cleanse and buff with a MF cloth. Once whole car done, onto the Zymol Glasur. Applied by hand (literally), and immediately buffed with MF cloth to leave a lovely deep, wet shine. Interior was relatively clean, so just treated it to a good hoover out, and then clean seats with AG leather cleaner, then treated them to a does of AG leather care cream. Plastics cleaned with Meguiars's interior detailer. Engine bay cleaned first using Meguiars's APC and a Sonus 1" brush, then all plastics treated with 303 AP.

Comments from Voters

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  • Finally, somebody who actually detailed a car rather than just washed!

  • really nice job

  • clean!

  • lovely

  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...........shiny!!!!

  • Looks really good, nice job!

  • great

  • great job

  • nice

  • You Could Eat you dinner of that!!!

  • Looks really clean!, nice work.

  • Great work.

  • Really nice, lovely shine

  • Lovely

  • Great work

  • great work

  • WOW, super shiney!!! excellent work there.

  • wow, the reflection in that door is like a mirror, good job!

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