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BMW X5 - Stuart Grainger

Entered for the April 2010 competition.

Competition Entry

Name: Stuart Grainger

Make: BMW

Model: X5

Year: 2009

Viewed: 5404 times.

Votes/Comments: 22

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How Stuart Used Our Products

I had always thought I took reasonable care with my cars before I started to learn about detailing.

Since I got my new car in December I have been reading the various blogs and forums and looking into car care websites like the Ultimate Finish.

With current work commitments unfortunately all I had been doing was reading about it and not actually doing it. So last weekend the Boss/Good lady announces that she wanted the bathroom done, bang goes my weekend for the foreseeable future and the full enhancement detail I was planning.

With winter ongoing I thought I better put some protection on the car and give it a manual detail:

So first off the car is snow foamed with a mixture of Bilt-Hamber Auto foam and a good squirt of Meguiar’s Hyper wash, this is left to dwell for a good 5-10 minutes. When the foam is working I work the badges, nooks and crannies with a soft brush.

Next the wheels were cleaned with Wonder wheels and Meguiar’s wheel brush. The whole car was then power washed and then hand washed using the two bucket method (I am still sticking my hand in the wrong bucket).

I clayed the car with Bilt-Hamber Soft clay bar and was amazed at the amount of debris the clay pulled off especially on the lower panels. The car was then dried with a waffle towel; I sorted the worst of the fine scratches with Meguiar’s scratch X and a liberal coating of Meguiar’s X Press liquid wax was applied to the whole car. The label says ideal to apply to the whole car even if not completely dry, I assumed it would be really easy to buff off but I was wrong. The Wax was difficult to remove but a single spray of Megs Last touch per panel brought it straight off; considering it’s supposed to be a quick and simple product I was pleased with the shine and the overall results.

The tyres, trim and arches were all treated with Meguiar’s Hyper dressing which is a great product virtually doing every job for your black stuff inside and out.

When the bathroom is finished I plan to go the full road with a machine polish and a sealant application, does anybody have any suggestion what is best for a white car?

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  • I though it would be better :-) Kev

  • Fit like !!!!

  • nice my friend very nice

  • well prepared !

  • Very very nice

  • come stop slacking !!

  • First Class

  • ha ha just shows if you can do it ..anybody can ..well done !!!

  • I like this the most :-)

  • Looking good JJ

  • get back to work stop looking at your car !!!!

  • you got my vote

  • I like this

  • stunning!!

  • You did that by hand ? you deserve to win

  • Nice Car

  • Good Job when you doing mine?

  • Dad can you stop cleaning your car and give me a lift ?

  • It is an awesome car

  • How long did that take ?

  • wow you can do my car if you like

  • Love this car in white great reflection shots good work !

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