Free Valet PRO Dragon's Breath & Detailing Brush, Valet PRO Product Range plus Aston Martin DB4 Detailing Project 
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Free Valet PRO Dragon's Breath + Valet PRO Large Sash Brush
Valet PRO is an increasingly popular brand and offers a range of cost effective products for detailers and enthusiasts.

We're giving away a Valet PRO Dragon's Breath Iron Remover (500ml) plus a Valet PRO Large Sash Brush with orders of £50 and over ... see promotion code below.

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We've recently extended our Free Delivery Offer to include all orders over £39.95 destined for Northern Ireland.

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FREE - Valet PRO Dragon's Breath & Valet PRO Sash Brush
A popular product, and used extensively in the Ultimate Detailing Studio, we've 50 x 500ml of Valet PRO Dragon's Breath Iron Remover to give away with orders of £50 and over (exc delivery). This giveaway also includes the multi-use Valet PRO Large Sash Brush.

Simply enter the promotion code 'DRAGON' at the top of the basket during checkout and the two products will be added to qualifying orders. These will not be included automatically. Strictly first come, first served.

Offer ends at midnight on Sunday 17th January.
Valet PRO Range - Professional Detailing Products
Valet PRO has built a reputation for introducing revolutionary car care and car detailing products that use a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients.
Synonymous with quality, Valet PRO endeavour to produce professional products which are safe to use, highly effective and still wallet friendly including:-

Dragon's Breath - iron contamination remover
Bilberry - concentrated yet safe wheel cleaner
Citrus Pre Wash - highly effective, wax friendly pre-wash
Ultimate Detailing Studio - Recent Detailing Projects
Aston Martin DB4
Although not driven a great deal, this DB4 had been already been detailed on a number of occasions.

Unfortunately the clearcoat on this Aston Martin is very sensitive and previous attempts to apply different sealants have resulting in marring therefore only carnauba waxes could be used.

However, Kamikaze Collection, a Japanese car care manufacturer, offered a potential solution.
After the usual washing, cleaning and polishing a layer of 'Artifical Clearcoat' was applied. This acts like a primer by filling in the imperfections and adding a thin layer on top of the existing paintwork.

Once the whole vehicle had been treated, two coats of Miyabe Coat were applied to produce a high gloss finish. To add an element of durability and protection a layer of ISM Coat was then applied. The results were stunning, especially so on black paintwork ... more info & pics
Car Of The Month Competition Winner - December 2015
Congratulations to Jason Budd, winner of the Car Of The Month Competition with an immaculate Ford Focus RS.

Want to win £150 worth of car care and detailing products? Simply take some good photographs of your car and tell us which products you've used and how you used them. The more 'detail' the better.

The competition is free to enter and the winner is selected by visitors to the UF website voting for the car of their choice.
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