UF 'Ulti-Mitt' Wash Mitt Giveaway, Carnauba Wax vs Ceramic Sealant - Which Is Best plus BMW M4 Gets GYEON Protection
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Product Giveaway - UF 'Ulti-Mitt' Wash Mitt Worth £13.95
UF's own brand of quality detailing products offer high-performance without breaking the bank.

One of the latest is the 'Ulti-Mitt' Wash Mitt made from super-soft Merino wool to protect paintwork and double-sided for ease of use.

We've 30 x Ulti-Mitt Wash Mitts to give away, each worth £13.95, with qualifying orders of £60 and over - details below. 

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Product Giveaway: 'Ulti-Mitt' Super Soft Merino Wool Wash Mitt
The 'Ulti-Mitt' from UF is a double-sided Merino wool wash mitt with a super-soft deep pile. Designed to our specification to safely lift particles away from the surface thereby minimising the risk of scratching.

We've 30 to give away with qualifying orders over £60. Simply add the UF Ulti-Mitt Wash Mitt to your existing basket then enter the promotion code 'WASHMITT' during checkout for the full discount to be applied. Please note this will not be done automatically.

Offer ends at midnight on Sunday 20th September.
Carnauba Wax vs Ceramic Sealant - Which is Best?
One of the most frequently asked questions is "which is better, a natural wax or a ceramic sealant?"

Initially this might seem straightforward however as with so many things - it depends!

The two coatings are quite different and this feature examines the properties of both.

Which provides better protection, how easy are they to apply and which gives the best finish ... read more
Ultimate Detailing Studio - Recent Detailing Projects
This M4 is the latest high-performance BMW to be worked on at UF's Detailing Studio located at Brands Hatch in Kent. 

Having recently purchased the M4 from a main dealer the customer wanted to protect the paintwork, glass, wheels and interior using the very latest products.

After some discussion, the GYEON Q2 Mohs+ Quartz Coating was selected which is available for professional application only ... more info & pics
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