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Summer Madness - 7.5% Discount + Massive RUPES® Savings
With the August Bank Holiday rapidly approaching we're offering 7.5% off all products, including car covers, and detailing services ... details below.

Plus 22.5% Off RUPES® Polishing Kits
For a strictly limited period you can save 15% on two of the RUPES Deluxe Polishing Kits - combine this with the 7.5% discount above and save a massive 22.5% ... see promotion details below.

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Not sure which products to choose or prefer to purchase by telephone - call us on 0845 838 1200 for assistance. Lines are open 8am to 6pm Mon - Fri.
Bank Holiday Discount Offer - 7.5% Off All Products & Services
Leading up to, and including, the August Bank Holiday we're offering 7.5% off ALL products, including car covers, and detailing services on orders of £29.95 and over (exc delivery).
Simply add the promotion code 'SUMMER75' during checkout for the discount to be applied.

Offer ends at midnight on Bank Holiday Monday.
Plus you can double up by combining the RUPES offer below with the 7.5% Bank Holiday Discount.
Massive 22.5% Savings - RUPES® Machine Polishing Kits
For a strictly limited period the two RUPES Deluxe Polishing Kits below are available with 15% off.

This offer can then be combined with the Bank Holiday Discount to add an additional 7.5% making a massive 22.5% in total.

RUPES LHR 15ES 'BigFoot' Deluxe Polishing Kit
RUPES LHR 21ES 'BigFoot' Deluxe Polishing Kit

Offer ends at midnight on Bank Holiday Monday.
Ultimate Detailing Studio™ - Recent Detailing Projects
50th Anniversary Porsche 991
Being strictly limited to only 1963 vehicles (the first year of 911 production) the owner of this 50th Anniversary Edition was keen to protect that investment right from the start.

As befitting a new Porsche, it underwent the complete New Car Protection Treatment using Nanolex cleaners and sealants. When completed the owner was so impressed he thought the other 1962 owners should also visit UF .. read more
Audi TTS
When the Audi TTS arrived at the Ultimate Detailing Studio the swirls were obvious to see, even without high intensity lighting.

Thorough cleaning and machine polishing were needed to get a deep shine on the bodywork again.

As with the Porsche above, a selection of Nanolex products were used to protect the bodywork, wheels, glass .. read more
Car Of The Month Competition Winner - July 2014
Congratulations to Kira Hearn from Buckinghamshire, winner of the Car Of The Month Competition with an immaculate Mercedes-Benz E320.

Want to win £150 worth of car care and detailing products?

The monthly competition is free to enter and the winner is selected by visitors to our website voting for the car of their choice - why not enter today?

Enter Competition Here
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