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UF Teams Up With Warranty Direct To Save You £££'s

We all keep hearing about “times of austerity” and we all know about tightening belts. Many little luxuries become special treats and people start looking for ways to cut back their outlay. One of the first things people cut back on is insurance – after all, why pay the premiums if you haven’t used it? It’s only there ‘just in case’.

Unfortunately though hard times are exactly the time something goes wrong! And usually it’s something expensive. Cars are a prime example. With more and more of us holding on to our cars for longer the likelihood of something going wrong past the manufacturer warranty period is increasing. Like everything else, the price of fixing them is going up so finding an insurance that covers mechanical and electrical failures, along with labour costs is very handy! Enter Warranty Direct, leading UK provider of extended warranties. Unlike some extended warranties, Warranty Direct actually covers the parts that may go wrong!

Warrant Direct policies include features such as:

  • Wear & tear failure once the policy has been in place 90 days
  • Cover if an uninsured part fails and causes damage or breaks an insured part
  • The customer gets to choose which garage carries out the repairs

Research carried out by Warranty Direct shows even small parts, such as the bearings in a water pump – could set you back an average of £209 to fix. Many of these types of parts are subject to wear and tear and too often extended warranties do not cover them.

Larger components can be even more expensive; a gear box typically costs around £1,378.65 to replace. On average around one in three repairs made on cars between three and seven years old are a result of wear-related failure.

"The research highlights the importance of checking the small print on longer term new car warranties and after-market policies," says Duncan McClure Fisher of Warranty Direct. "Those with some 'wear and tear' exclusions mean the consumer is left to foot the bill for worn out parts."

As the leading independent supplier of car care products, Ultimate Finish has teamed up with the UK’s #1 extended warranty provider, Warranty Direct, to bring this first class service to the attention of our customers, particularly as two Ultimate Finish staff have used the Warranty Direct service and been very impressed!

Chris Oliver, East Sussex - Ultimate Finish Internet Marketing Consultant:

My stereo system stopped working one day, so I took my Mini Cooper S to my local Mini specialist. They determined the amplifier had malfunctioned and required REPLACEMENT. As the Mini had the Harman Kardon system I knew it was going to be expensive but when I discovered it was more than £800 I was shocked! Thankfully I’d taken out the ICE option with Warranty Direct. The amplifier was a special order item from Germany but as soon as it arrived they sorted it all out. I paid the bill and filed a claim with Warranty Direct, the cheque arrived about 10 days later. Very efficient and very easy! With cars becoming increasingly sophisticated these days anything that goes wrong seems to cost a small fortune, so having such an affordable insurance policy with Warranty Direct is a ‘no brainer’.

Sarah Marsh-Collings, Kent - Ultimate Finish Sales & Customer Support Executive:

I phoned Warranty Direct when the thermostat housing cracked on my Mini Cooper S. It had to be low-loaded to my garage as water started leaking out all over my drive and it was considered too risky to drive it in case further damage occurred. Warranty Direct were great – told them what the problem was, they liaised directly with my garage and they got the work sorted out. I sent Warranty Direct all the paperwork but forgot to send them the receipt for the low loader. No problem – I scanned it and emailed it to them and I received my cheque within 10 working days. Really couldn’t have asked for better service. I’ll always take out extended warranty on any car I own, as the price of components these days seems to have risen dramatically. I’ll always come back to Warranty Direct.

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