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Washing Cars Made Easy

Washing cars used to be so easy .... a bucket and sponge together with some washing up liquid on a Sunday morning. Now its called ‘detailing’ and if you’re not careful you can easily become addicted !!

The whole process of detailing a vehicle might seem quite involved, however the basic steps are easy to follow.

1: Pre-Wash

This is about removing larger dirt particles from your vehicle without causing damage to the paintwork.

Start using either a hosepipe or a pressure washer to remove most of the surface dirt. If using a pressure washer don’t get too close otherwise you’ll remove any wax you may have previously applied.

For dark or particularly dirty cars you may like to use Snow Foam to pre-wash your car.

2: Washing

Next you’ll need a Bucket & Grit Guard and a sponge although a wash mitt is preferable. Sponges have a tendancy to trap dirt particles and so cause swirls marks on your paintwork, especially soft modern clear-coats. Equally the Grit Guard is an excellent way of preventing grit getting back on to the mitt. Wipe the mitt across the Grit Guard and the loose particles will drop to the bottom of the bucket.

Fill the bucket with warm water and a wax friendly shampoo. Washing up liquids can contain very strong detergents and salt and these should be avoided at all costs. Ideally two buckets should be used; one containing the shampoo and the other plain water.

Starting from the roof apply the soapy water using your sponge or wash mitt. If using the two bucket method, soak the wash mitt in the ‘soapy’ bucket then use the second ‘dirty’ bucket to rinse out the wash mitt before soaking in the ‘soapy’ bucket again. It’s a bit awkward to start with but really helps minimise swirls marks and is essential for dark coloured cars. Don’t allow the water levels to get too low otherwise you could pick up dirt suspended in the water, unless you have a Grit Guard.

3: Rinsing

Once shampoo’d, rinse the car using clean water using either a hose or pressure washer.

If you’re in a hard water area and suffer from water marks left behind after rinsing you could consider using a de-ionising water filter such as Aqua Gleam. These are connected in-line with your hose to give your car a final rinse, with the added benefit that you don't have to dry the car off afterwards - and no water marks!

4: Drying

There are various methods that can be used including the traditional chamois, drying towels and microfibre cloths. As a preference drying towels are easy to use and avoid the problem of cloth marks.

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