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User Manual PS510, PS700

Operating and Safety Instructions For PS510, PS700

The POWERSTART portable power packs are designed to assist with starting 12 volt vehicles that have discharged batteries. To ensure safe and trouble-free operation of your POWERSTART you must follow the instructions below.

FOR YOUR SAFETY DO NOT SHORT CIRCUIT OR TAMPER WITH THIS UNIT. ALWAYS OBSERVE CORRECT POLARITY AND SYSTEM VOLTAGE WHEN CONNECTING.Failure to do so may lead to a HAZARDOUS situation, damage the pack or the vehicle and will invalidate the Warranty. Remove personal items such as rings, bracelets and watches when working with a vehicle battery. Use POWERSTART for boosting standard 12 V vehicle batteries only. Switch unit off when not in use.


The state of charge is best checked 2 hours after charging. Ensure all cables are in the stored position and that the output cables/clamps are not shorted. Switch on unit. LEDs will indicate the approximate state of charge of the unit. Switch off unit.


It is recommended that the unit is switched off during charging. Connect the charger to the “CHARGE” connector on the front of the unit. Plug the charger into the mains (230 VAC 50 Hz). Switch on the charger using the switch on the side. The “Charge Indicator” LED will illuminate on the unit. The charger LEDs will indicate when the unit is full, however, we recommend leaving the POWERSTART on charge when it is not being used as this will ensure that the battery is ready for use. Before disconnecting the charger from the unit switch off using the switch on the side of the charger. Only charge using the supplied charger. No other charger should be used as this may cause damage to the battery. Never leave the POWERSTART discharged at any time. This may cause permanent damage to the batteries and is not covered by the Warranty.


POWERSTART may also be charged from a 12V vehicle cigarette lighter socket by using the cigarette lighter lead supplied. This lead is designed to connect the cigarette socket on the POWERSTART to the cigarette lighter on the vehicle. The POWERSTART will only be recharged slowly using this lead and only while the vehicle engine is running. Therefore the pack should normally be recharged using the mains charger. Insufficient charging of the pack may result in failure and this is not covered by the Warranty.


Always follow the vehicle manufacturer instructions for safe jump-starting. Ensure POWERSTART key-switch is in the "OFF" position (all LED's are off). Switch off all lights and other loads on the vehicle. Connect to the vehicle system observing correct polarity. (LEDs on pack may illuminate. This does not indicate state of charge or a fault.) If polarity is wrong a buzzer will sound, reconnect correctly. Always check the connection polarity is right even if the buzzer does not sound. Switch on POWERSTART by turning the key-switch to the "ON" position, make sure cables are free of turning parts and start engine. If engine does not start within ten seconds, stop and wait a few minutes before making a further attempt. After the engine has started, allow it to run for a few minutes to recharge the vehicle’s on-board battery. Switch off the engine then switch off the POWERSTART and remove the negative clamp, then the positive clamp. Store the clamps in the clamp compartment of the POWERSTART. Restart the engine from the vehicle’s on-board battery.

Note: It is not recommended that the POWERSTART is used to start vehicles without a battery fitted or with a battery that has had the electrolyte dried out. Damage may occur to the POWERSTART or the vehicle if the POWERSTART is disconnected or switched off while the engine is running.


The POWERSTART can also be used to maintain the vehicle’s computer memory functions when the vehicle’s on-board battery is disconnected. The optional lead with two cigarette lighter plugs is used for this purpose but can only be used with 12 V vehicle systems.


The unit case must not be opened as there are no user serviceable parts inside and this will invalidate the Warranty.


The POWERSTART has a spike protection system. This protection is in operation as long as the clamps are connected to the vehicle, even when the unit key-switch is switched off. NEVER remove one of the clamps before the POWERSTART key-switch is switched off.


The battery inside the POWERSTART is a sealed lead type. It must be removed and recycled or disposed of properly at the end of its useful life.



Power Source: 12 V, 18 Ah

Cranking Amps: 510 A

Main Switch: Heavy duty

Polarity alarm: Acoustic

Cable Size: 25 mm²

Clamps: Fully insulated, heavy duty

Housing: High density polyethylene

H x W x D mm: 315 x 365 x 120

Weight (approx): 9.4 kg

Mains charger: 230 VAC, 14,8 VDC, 2 Amps


Power Source: 12 V, 18 Ah

Cranking Amps: 700 A

Main Switch: Heavy duty

Polarity alarm: Acoustic

Cable Size: 25 mm²

Clamps: Fully insulated, heavy duty

Housing: High density polyethylene

H x W x D mm: 315 x 365 x 120

Weight (approx): 9.4 kg

Mains charger: 230 VAC, 14,8 VDC, 2 Amps

POWERSTART is exclusively manufactured for Serenco and BV Corporation by DMS technologies in the UK. We reserve the right to change the specification without notice.

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