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Customer Rewards Scheme Terms & Conditions

  • Subscription to the Ultimate Finish Customer 'Rewards Scheme' (hereafter referred to as the Rewards Scheme) is open to all customers who purchase directly from Ultimate Finish ( and who meet the entry requirements as set out in the following clauses.
  • Subscription is not open to trade accounts including wholesalers, resellers and shops.
  • Professional Detailers & Valeters are eligible for the Rewards Scheme provided products are bought for business use and not resale.
  • Subscription to the Rewards Scheme is free of charge to all customers provided they have met the entry requirements.
  • Subscribers to the Rewards Scheme are under no obligation to purchase goods from Ultimate Finish.
  • It is Ultimate Finish's intention to run the Rewards Scheme for the foreseeable future. However, Ultimate Finish reserve the right to suspend, postpone or cease operation of the Rewards Scheme at any time. In the event of such suspension, postponement or cessation, no compensation or recompense whatsoever will be due to Subscribers to the Rewards Scheme.
  • The Rewards Scheme is personal to you and cannot be transferred.
  • We can take any action we consider appropriate including suspension of individual subscriptions, if we have reason to believe that you are abusing the Rewards Scheme or not adhering to the terms and conditions.
  • By subscribing to the Rewards Scheme you agree to receive product updates and special offers via electronic newsletters.
  • The Rewards Scheme has 5 discount tiers as set out below. All new subscribers will be automatically enrolled within Tier 5.
    • Tier 5 - Cumulative spend up to £200 receiving 0% discount
    • Tier 4 - Cumulative spend up to £500 receiving 2.5% discount
    • Tier 3 - Cumulative spend up to £1000 receiving 5% discount
    • Tier 2 - Cumulative spend up to £2000 receiving 7.5% discount
    • Tier 1 - Cumulative spend above £2000 receiving 10% discount

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