Dodo Juice Basics Of Bling Wax-Safe Wash - 500ml

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Basics of Bling Wax-Safe Wash - 500ml

Wax-Friendly, Wallet-Friendly Shampoo.

Part of the Dodo Juice Basics Of Bling range, the Wax-Safe Wash is the first in the BOB car care regime and represents simplicity of use, high performance and great pricing. pH-neutral and residue free, this shampoo contains the same high quality biodegradable surfactants found in the more expensive Dodo Juice shampoos, yet is a simpler recipe, keeping costs down.

Features & Benefits:

  • High performance, wallet friendly!
  • Huge cleaning ability but still wax & sealant safe
  • Twice as concentrated as most high street shampoos - 1:400 dilution ratio
  • Works brilliantly on glass without leaving streak or smears

Size: 500ml