Bilt-Hamber Hydrate 80 (500ml)

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Hydrate 80 (500ml)

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Powerful Rust Protection.

Treat rust spots and stop them from reappearing.

Practical Classics Magazine "BEST BUY"

Traditional paints and coatings applied to rectify corrosion problem areas usually give a disappointing performance with rust quickly reappearing. Most products simply hide the underlying and continuing corrosion rather than actively treating it. The problem is first seen as a blistering of the coating followed by the rapid breakthrough of rust.

Hydrate 80 provides powerful protection to rusted steel surfaces. The electrochemical function stabilises existing corrosion by converting the iron oxides into a protective metal complex. It also combines with surface moisture and oxygen depriving the corrosion process of the conditions it requires. Paints and coatings applied to a hydrate 80 treated surface demonstrate amazing improvements in long-term performance.

Features & Benefits:

  • Arrests & prevents corrosion over a wide variety of applications
  • Actively targets corrosion & converts rust to provide barrier protection
  • Provides long-term, dependable protection
  • Forms an ideal base for further coatings, paint or anti-corrosion wax
  • Does not contain chlorine so does not cause under-film blistering
  • Proven to significantly increase coating life even in hot salt, humidity & drying atmospheres
  • Ideal for use during classic & historic vehicle restoration & marine installations

Size: 500ml