UF Engine Treatment

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Engine Detail

An Engine That Looks As Good As It Sounds.

When considering a vehicle detail, it’s tempting to concentrate only on the exterior elements, the parts immediately visible. However, keeping the powerhouse part in good condition is highly worthwhile.

The engine is arguably the hardest working part of your car. It’s also one of the most expensive components and is subjected to the harshest of conditions: dirt, oils, grime and grease all build up on the components. As potentially it’s one of the principle reasons you bought the car it makes sense to ensure it looks as good as it sounds!

Engine Detail Treatment:

  • All sensitive & electrical components wrapped to protect from water ingress during treatment
  • Warm water rinse to loosen dirt particles
  • Components sprayed with degreasing solution
  • Engine thoroughly cleaned to ensure dirt, grease, grime & soot removed
  • Thorough rinse with warm water
  • Engine dried using air blower to ensure all cavities completely water-free
  • Engine & engine bay finished using a protective, heat-resistant coating, designed to inhibit dirt, dust, grime & roads salts from adhering to the surfaces
  • Hinges & catches oiled to ensure smooth operation