Air Chamber for Motorcycles

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Motorcycle Air Chamber - Available in Standard or Large

Non-Contact, Non-Deflating, Hi-Tech Protection For Your Motorcycle.

A 'must have' for motorcyclists as bikes are more prone to moisture damage than cars due to the use of corrosion prone materials and large exposed surfaces.

The circulation of fresh air within the Airchamber turns any shed, garage or barn into the perfect environment for storing any occasionally used vehicles.

The Motorcycle Air Chamber is available in two sizes: Standard for small to medium motorcycles, Large for larger motorcycles such as Harley Davidsons.


  • Rapid assembly lightweight internal frame
  • Does not collapse when not in use - drive in, zip up, switch on!
  • UV protective, flame resistant material
  • Materials tested to temperatures as low as -25 deg C
  • Prevents condensation from settling, damp & rust from forming
  • Durable base sheet - fuel, oil & brake fluid repellent
  • Supplied with 12v brushless electric fan motors
  • Highly economical - typical running costs around £20 pa

The Motorcycle Airchamber is available in two sizes:

  • Standard: 3m(L) x 1m(W) x 1.5m(H)
  • Large: 3m(L) x 1.5m(W) x 1.6m(H)