Nanolex Matte Final Finish (200ml)

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Nanolex MATTE Final Finish (200ml, 750ml & 5 Litres)

Quick Detailer For Matte / Satin Paint Finishes.

The rise in popularity of matte paint finishes rather than high gloss has meant there is a demand for products specifically tailored to keep the vehicle looking tip-top, without adding gloss.

MATTE Final Finish is a silicone-free quick detailing spray designed not to add gloss to your satin matte paintwork. Use it to wipe away light dust, fingerprints and water marks. The pH-neutral formulation means it will not degrade your existing sealant layer but actually adds protection.

Sizes: 200ml, 750ml or 5L (please select from drop down menu above)

Developed, tested & produced in Germany

Download: How To Use Nanolex MATTE Final Finish Guide