Nanolex Matte Reactivating Shampoo (750ml)

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Matte Reactivating Shampoo (750ml)

Non-Gloss Car Wash For Satin Paintwork.

Matte paintwork requires specialist care with products dedicated to the up-keep of the satin look rather than high gloss shine. Nanolex Reactivating Matte Shampoo does not contain any gloss-enhancers, thereby preserving the matte finish of paintwork.

pH-neutral, Reactivating Matte Shampoo is an effective car wash containing lubricants to allow dirt to glide easily away from the surface of the paint. Special ingredients refresh and revive existing sealant layers to ensure continued protection.

Reactivating Matte Shampoo is highly concentrated: 20-25ml to 10 litres of water is sufficient for most cleaning purposes.

Designed, tested & produced in Germany.

Size: 750ml

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