Dodo Juice Square Sponge Clay Pad - Fine & Medium

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Dodo Juice Square Sponge Clay Pad (Fine & Medium)

Decontamination Sponge Pads - Works Like Clay!

A new concept in claying, these 'decon polisponges' are already overtaking clay in the US and are popular with some professional detailers over here in the UK. Why the interest?

Removing tar, sap and other contaminants from paintwork, glass and wheels has traditionally been done with detailing clay. The Square Sponge Clay Pad works in the same way, but instead of having to throw it away at the end of each session the Square Sponge Clay can be cleaned and reused! Larger than the average clay bar these sponges are much easier to work with and provide the same decontamination power.

Use Square Sponge Clay Pad Fine for softer paint finishes or vehicles with less contamination. Square Sponge Medium will remove more contamination, faster! Square Sponge Clay Pads could save you on clay bars - one pad can do 20+ cars!

Sizes: Fine or Medium (Select from drop down menu above).