Nanolex MATTE Protection SET

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Nanolex MATTE Protection SET

Cleanse & Protect Satin Matte Paintwork.

Satin or matte paintwork requires different care products to standard, lacquered paint finishes. The MATTE Protection Set provides complete protection for satin or matte paintwork.

Kit Contains:

  • Nanolex EX cleanser - 200ml
  • Nanolex Matte Spray Surface Sealant - 100ml
  • Applicator Pad x 10
  • Purple Microfibre x 2
  • Nitrile Gloves x 2

MATTE Surface Cleaner is specially formulated not to add shine to matte paintwork, but cleanses it of oils, residues and contamination leaving the surface bare, ready to accept a layer of Matte Paint Sealant.

MATTE Paint & Alloy Sealant does not contain glossing agents as typical sealants do but instead leaves a protective satin sheen designed to repel water, dirt, grime, industrial and chemical fallout.

Designed, tested & produced in Germany.

Download: How To Use Nanolex MATTE Paint Sealant Guide