Auto Finesse Tough Prep Pre Sealant Cleanser

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Auto Finesse Tough Prep Pre Sealant Cleanser (250 & 500ml)

Prepares Paintwork For Sealant

Prior to applying a paint sealant it is essential to ensure the paintwork is properly prepared. Auto Finesse Tough Prep Pre Sealant Paint Cleanser polishes paintwork, removes residues without laying down fillers.

Features & Benefits:

  • Contains micro-abrasives to polish paintwork
  • Removes light oxidation
  • Cuts away bonded contamination
  • Chemical cleaners strip away grime from paintwork

Directions for use by hand:

  • Apply to a foam applicator pad
  • Work one panel at a time
  • 3-4 pea sized drops is sufficient for one panel
  • Work in to a thin, even layer
  • Buff with dry microfibre towel

Directions for use with Dual Action polisher:

  • Apply to a polishing pad
  • Place pad against the panel
  • Work into the panel & select 3-4 OPM
  • Buff using a clean microfibre towel

Technical Specification:

  • Suitable for use by hand or DA polisher
  • Solvent-based
  • Contains abrasive particles
  • Does not contain fillers

Sizes: 250ml & 500ml (please select from drop down menu above)