Nanolex Insect Remover RTU (750ml)

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Nanolex Insect Remover RTU (750ml, 5L)

Non-Contact Bug Remover.

Insects, pollen, chitin (exoskeletons of insects and spiders) and other organic fallout often form an adhesive bond with paintwork and glass. Scrubbing at this sticky contamination with a wash mitt increases the risk of putting swirl marks into paintwork. Nanolex Insect Remover is a specialist, alkaline-based product which dissolves the adhesive bond allowing the contamination to be freely rinsed away.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy to use, spray on formulation
  • Penetrates adhesive contamination to soften sticky bonds
  • Will not strip sealants
  • Prepares vehicle for pre-wash
  • Developed, tested & produced in Germany

Directions for use:

  • Ensure vehicle surfaces are cool to the touch
  • Spray onto the surface of the car
  • Allow to dwell for a short time
  • Rinse with a jet of fresh water

Size: 750ml, 5 litres (please select from the drop down menu above).