Dodo Juice Spray Air Freshener (Watermelon)

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Spray Air Freshener (100ml)

The Great Smell of Dodo Juice Waxes - For Inside The Car!.

Dodo Juice waxes have always been a pleasure to work with, in no small part because of the delicious aromas they carry. These scents are now available in a pump air spray for inside your car.

A pump or two of one of these mouth-watering fragrances into the interior of your car, or onto the floor mats, will guarantee weeks of a refreshing smell.


  • Rainforest Rub: watermelon
  • Hard Candy: candy
  • Blue Velvet: blueberry
  • Purple Haze: jelly bean
  • Diamond White: vanilla
  • Light Fantastic: coconut
  • Orange Crush: orange
  • Banana Armour: banana
  • Born to be Mild: berries
  • Red Mist: pina colada
  • Juiced Edition: pineapple

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Size: 100ml

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