Chemical Guys JetSeal Sealant & Paint Protectant

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Chemical Guys JetSeal Sealant & Paint Protectant

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21st Century Technology For High Powered Paint Sealant.

Developed for the aerospace industry, JetSeal Sealant & Paint Protection has been reformulated to make it easier for car care enthusiasts to work with but, but it still retains its unbeatable protective qualities in extremes of temperatures. Using nanotechnology, this sealant forms a durable chemical bond with paintwork to repel contamination and fallout for up to twelve months.

Features & Benefits:

  • Repels contamination
  • Protects against harmful UV rays
  • Shields against water spots & road grime
  • Adds brilliant, clear shine
  • One application lasts up to 12 months
  • Suitable for application by hand or machine polisher
  • Use it on paintwork, glass, headlights & tail lights, metals, carbon fibre, fibreglass & glossy decals

Directions for use:

By Hand:

  • Apply 2-3 dots of JetSeal to a foam or microfibre applicator pad
  • Spread over painted panels, glass, polished metals, and clear plastics in a thin, even coat
  • Allow 15 minutes for JetSeal to bond with surface
  • Buff residue with a soft microfibre towel
  • Allow a further 20 minutes curing time and apply a second layer to ensure even coverage

By Machine:

  • Use a Dual Action polisher and soft foam finishing pad
  • Apply 4 - 6 dots of JetSeal to polishing pad
  • Spread evenly over paintwork, glass, polished metals, and clear plastics using speed settings 1 - 3
  • Allow 15 minutes for product to cure
  • Buff residue with a microfibre towel

Technical Specification:

  • UV blockers: Yes
  • Carnauba: No
  • Sealant: Yes
  • Hand application: Yes
  • Machine application: Yes
  • Suitable for all colours: Yes

Watch JetSeal Sealant & Paint Protection in action:

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