Fireball Fusion Wax (Paste Wax)

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Fireball Fusion Wax (Limited Edition) 100g

Advanced Technology Hybrid Paste Wax

Fusion Wax has been developed as a show wax. It contains both Brazilian T1 Grade Carnauba and SiO2 for the ultimate wet-look shine and super-hydrophobic surface protection.


  • Fusion Wax (100g)
  • Cloth Storage Bag
  • 2 x Black Applicators
  • 2 x Mini Spoons

Application Instructions:

  • Using a mini spoon, put enough wax onto the applicator to ensure even coverage.
  • Apply in straight lines one panel at a time.
  • Buff off with a clean dry microfibre after application to each panel.
  • Once complete, allow to cure for 24 hours before coming into contact with water.