Nanolex Si3D Matte (30ml)

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Nanolex Si3D Matte (30ml & 50ml)

Ceramic Coating Protection For Satin Paint Finishes.

The majority of ceramic coatings have been designed with traditional gloss finishes in mind and aim to increase levels of shine and reflectivity rendering them unsuitable for satin matte finishes. However, matte finishes tend to be sensitive and prone to marring, so a ceramic coating would be the ideal solution to help protect them from damage.

To fill this void in the market, Nanolex has developed Si3D Matte, a ceramic coating specifically designed to protect matte paint finishes without adding gloss. As well as satin paint finishes, Si3D Matte can also be used on high-quality vinyl wraps and paint protection film (PPF) (always test an inconspicuous area first).

Features & Benefits:

  • Provides protection against staining from bird droppings
  • Repels adhesive contamination such as tar & tree sap
  • Resistant to chemicals, protects against industrial fallout
  • Inhibits brake dust build up
  • Provides UV protection, helping prevent pigment fade
  • Easy to apply & buff
  • Strongly hydrophobic, helps keep surfaces cleaner, longer
  • Safe for use on vinyl wraps & paint protection film (PPF)
  • Designed, developed & manufactured in Germany

Directions for use:

  • Ensure vehicle is decontaminated, clean, dry & polished
  • Prepare surfaces by wiping with Nanolex EX to remove polish or silicone residues
  • Apply a few drops of Si3D Matte to a Nanolex Si3D Microfibre Applicator wrapped around a Si3D Applicator Block (for stability)
  • Working on a small section at a time (40-50cm square), apply Si3D Matte using light pressure and a cross-hatching motion until the product disappears
  • Buff immediately without allowing the coating to dry out
  • Once the whole car is coated, allow to cure in a warm, dry environment away from the elements for at least 12 hours
  • An infra-red lamp can be used to accelerate the hardening process
  • Avoid washing the coating for a further 3 days
  • 30ml is suitable for saloon cars & hatchbacks. For estate cars & SUVs, select 50ml

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