Meguiars Perfect Clarity Glass Polishing Compound (236ml)

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Meguiar’s Perfect Clarity Glass Polishing Compound (236ml)

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Remove Bonded Contamination & Restore Clarity.

Dirty windows, apart from being unsightly, can also present a hazard whilst driving. Some contamination cannot easily be removed by washing alone. For those times when deep cleaning is required, Meguiar’s has introduced Perfect Clarity Glass Polishing Compound.

Features & Benefits:

  • Removes bonded contamination from all glass surfaces
  • Eliminates contamination regular washing or glass cleaners cannot
  • Removes baked on water spot deposits
  • Removes chemical & environmental fallout, & oily residues
  • Thoroughly prepares glass prior to treatment with Perfect Clarity Glass Sealant

Directions for use:

  • Working in the shade or indoors, ensure glass is clean & cool to the touch.
  • Shake the bottle well.
  • Apply using a foam applicator pad or short pile microfibre towel, with light to moderate pressure.
  • Ensure polishing strokes overlap to ensure every part of the glass is thoroughly treated.
  • Buff residue with soft, clean microfibre towel (compound does not need to dry; it can be buffed as soon as application is complete).
  • Spritz Perfect Clarity Glass Cleaner over the polished glass to ensure no residue remains and buff excess.
  • Suitable for use with Meguiar’s Power System polishing pad.

Size: 236ml