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Bentley Flying Spur – Cosmetic Restoration Part II

Last week saw Part I of the cosmetic restoration of a 2005 Bentley Flying Spur. In Part 2, the restoration is completed, inside and out, and all surfaces of the Flying Spur protected using the most advanced nano-sealant technologies available. The interior of the car was vacuumed thoroughly to remove loose debris. The Saddle and Burnt […]

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Bentley Flying Spur – Cosmetic Restoration Part I

Bentley is a marque synonymous with luxury and class, and the Flying Spur doesn’t fail to deliver the qualities Bentley is so famous for. Introduced as a four-door successor to the Continental GT, the Flying Spur manages to retain some of the sporting feel whilst providing limousine style comfort. That it’s a big, heavy car […]

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Porsche Cayenne – Gloss Enhancement Detailing Package

The Cayenne is Porsche’s answer to the SUV market and on its release in 2003, marked a significant departure from Porsche’s trademark sports car designs. Exceeding all expectations, the second-generation Cayenne arrived in 2011 and benefited from several modifications including LED daytime running lights, tailgate tail lights and a more exaggerated slanting roof-line for improved […]

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