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Ultimate Finish Detailing Training Courses

What is detailing? – Detailing is the process by which a vehicle’s interior and exterior appearance is restored to ‘as new’ or better than new. The processes include comprehensive decontamination and cleaning, followed by paintwork defect correction and refinement. Paintwork is then typically protected with a natural carnauba wax or ceramic coating and other surfaces and materials protected using substrate-specific coatings. The focus throughout the process is on attention to detail.

UF has over twenty years’ experience in the car care industry and the award-winning UF Studio is recognised as a principle UK centre for automotive cosmetic restoration. A Supplier Member of the International Detailing Association (IDA), UF is committed to delivering industry-leading standards, helping enthusiasts and professionals achieve the best possible results.

To this end, UF offers several detailing courses, including basic and advanced machine polishing. Each course provides a complete overview of the techniques, products and processes required to restore and maintain the appearance of a vehicle, with longer courses providing more in-depth instruction on each stage. Each course is presented at UF Studio, Brands Hatch, Kent. On completion, participants will have the knowledge and the confidence to perform start-to-finish detailing processes for their own vehicles or a professional service for customers.

Established professional detailers and valeters looking for manufacturer certification can also benefit from additional training courses hosted at UF Studio and provided by RUPES, FLEX, Colourlock and Kamikaze Collection.

Car Care Training (Group 1-Day Course)
A one-day course designed to introduce enthusiasts to the basic principles and methods involved in the detailing process. During the course of the day, participants will be taken through safe methods of the initial decontamination, pre-cleaning and washing stages. Following inspection and appraisal, they will be introduced to paintwork preparation including the basics of machine polishing using a dual action polisher. The day will conclude with the application of various types of protective last step products for each type of surface found on the exterior of a vehicle. Throughout the day, there will be the opportunity for participants to ask questions and receive hands-on experience of the detailing processes.

Who’s it for? Enthusiasts looking to learn or better understand car care techniques, product application and surface protection – book now or more details here.

Pro Detailer Training (Group 3-Day Course)
Participants will be taken through all the processes covered in the 1-Day course including safe methods of initial decontamination, pre-cleaning and washing. Safe use of professional equipment including a hydraulic ramp, inspection lighting and paint depth gauges will also be discussed. There will be a comprehensive introduction to the art of machine polishing including dual-action, rotary and forced rotation polishers, and finally, the various coatings available for protecting each surface type, inside and outside the vehicle. Throughout each day, there will be an opportunity for participants to receive hands-on experience of each process demonstrated.

Who’s it for? Enthusiasts looking for a better understanding of car care techniques, including machine polishing, and those who wish to consider offering detailing as a professional service – book now or more details here.

Master Detailer Training (Personal 3-Day Course)
Presented at UF’s Brands Hatch detailing studio, this three-day one-on-one course is conducted by UF’s Master Detailer. During the course, participants will be taken through all the steps covered in the Pro 3-Day course including safe methods of decontamination, washing and drying, care of interior surfaces and matte paint finishes. Participants will also learn how to assess the paint type and gauge paint thickness. They will then be shown how to select the optimum machine, pad and polish combinations together with the techniques needed to correct, enhance and refine any paint finish. Participants will gain vital hands-on experience under close supervision, of rotary, forced action, and dual-action machines along with an explanation of the benefits and limitations of each.

Who’s it for? Professionals looking to take their services to the next level and who would benefit from a more structured approach to detailing and running a business – book now or more details here.

Manufacturer Certification Training
UF also offer specific training courses for professional detailers looking to achieve manufacturer accreditation. All training courses are hosted at UF Studio, Brands Hatch, Kent and are run in conjunction with each manufacturer.

RUPES BigFoot UK Training & Certification Day
Many machine polisher manufacturers offer a tool-only solution coupled with ‘mix and match’ pads and compounds. RUPES has developed a line of polishers and machine polishing systems designed to work as a holistic solution to ensure fantastic hologram-free results, in the fastest time, no matter the starting condition of the paintwork.

Hosted at UF Studio, Brands Hatch, and delivered by RUPES UK representatives, the RUPES BigFoot Training & Certification Day is designed to help professionals get the most out of the RUPES range. Participants will be introduced to the entire RUPES range of polishing systems including the LK 900E Mille Gear-Driven Dual Action Polisher and the LH 19E Rotary Polisher! On successful completion of the event, participants will receive a RUPES Factory Certificate of Completion that can be used to advertise detailing services and help build their client base.

Who’s it for? Professional Detailers seeking RUPES-certification – book now

Colourlock Leather Care & Repair Training Day
Automotive leather requires regular maintenance in order to retain suppleness and appearance. Without the right care, leather can become stained with spillages, body oils, sun creams, sticky foods, mud, etc. Additionally, UV rays can cause the leather to become faded, to dry out and become cracked. Repeated entering and exiting the vehicle causes abrasion and wear on the seats and bolsters. Eventually, leather can become worn through or even ripped. Fixing these problems is an integral part of the detailing process, particularly for older or classic vehicles, and requires specialist knowledge, techniques and tools.

Hosted at UF Studio, Brands Hatch, and delivered by Ram Iyer, Colourlock’s UK & USA representative, the Colourlock Training & Certification Day is designed to give professionals a deeper understanding of leather care and processes required to repair and recolour faded interiors. In addition to safe cleaning protocols, participants will learn about the different types of automotive leather and how best to protect them from stains and UV damage. Participants will be taught how to assess damage, repair cracked or torn areas and restore faded, tired-looking leather seats and upholstery. At the end of the session, there will be the opportunity for participants to try their hand at colour mixing, matching dyes to upholstery. On completion of this course, participants will receive Colourlock Approved Certification and be able to advertise advanced leather care and repair knowledge as part of their detailing services.

Who’s it for? Professional Detailers seeking Colourlock-certification – book now or more details here.

Kamikaze Collection UK Certified Detailer Training Day
Kamikaze Collection is a revolutionary range of boutique car care products designed and manufactured in Japan, home of ceramic coatings. Combining state-of-the-art technology with traditional know-how, Kamikaze Collection prides itself on delivering truly innovative and unique products without the typically associated hype. Employing the ‘kaizen’ approach, Kamikaze Collection focuses on continuous improvement to ensure customers benefit from products that really do add value.

The secret to the success of Kamikaze Collection’s coatings lies not only in the engineering of the product but in the application process. During the course of this day, participants will have the opportunity to practice using the range of machine polishing pads and compounds as well as applying the various coatings for different substrates.

By the end of the training day, attendees will secure Kamikaze Collection certification, giving them exclusive access to pro-only Zipang coating and Kamikaze Collection’s flagship coating, ENREI.

Note: Acceptance to this course is dependent on eligibility, in the first instance please complete the online application form.

Who’s it for? Professional studio-based Detailers seeking Kamikaze Collection-certification – book now or more details here.