3.5 Protecting Convertible Roof (Vinyl)

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3.5 Protecting Convertible Roof (Vinyl)
3.5 Protecting Convertible Roof (Vinyl)

Most vinyl roofs are inherently waterproof but they still require protection from UV rays, otherwise the colour may start to fade. Resist the temptation to use trim dressings as typically these products contain silicones, plasticisers and petroleum distillates which can magnify the effects of the sun, particularly as the roof is in prime ‘sun bathing’ position!


  • Convertible vinyl roof protectant – usually in a trigger spray bottle or an aerosol


  • Step 1 – Ensure roof is completely dry – the product will not properly adhere to a wet roof
  • Step 2 – Spray roof with protectant carefully and evenly
  • Step 3 – Allow application to dry (see manufacturers recommended time)

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