5.4 Brushes For Shuts, Grilles & Badges

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5.4 Brushes For Shuts, Grilles & Badges
5.4 Brushes For Shuts, Grilles & Badges

Boot, bonnet and door shuts get particularly greasy and grimy and so benefit from a bit of agitation during the wash process. Scrubbing at these areas with a wash mitt is not recommended though, as additional pressure on dirty surfaces are likely to cause swirl marks and scratches. A brush is a much better option as it allows agitation of the underlying dirt without applying too much pressure to it. Brushes are also easier to get into tight corners and around catches.

Badges and grilles have lots of edges making them dirt traps. Attempting to clean these areas with a wash mitt usually result in parts of wash mitt getting caught in the metal, leaving fluffy residue stuck into the corners. Brushes are a much more effective way of cleaning around these tricky areas without leaving pieces of cloth behind.

Choosing Brushes – What To Look For:

When choosing brushes, always ensure you opt for soft, natural bristles, surrounded by a plastic ferrule (the shoulder of the brush where it connects to the handle which holds all the bristles). Metal ferrules are harder and therefore more likely to cause scratches if they make contact with the car.

Different sizes of brush are handy, as some areas will be smaller requiring a small-headed brush, whereas trying to clean the inside of a door shut with a brush that is too small will be very time consuming!

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