8.2 Touchless Car Dryers (Forced Air Drying)

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8.2 Touchless Car Dryers (Forced Air Drying)
8.2 Touchless Car Dryers (Forced Air Drying)

If drying a car with a chamois or drying towel seems hard work, an alternative is to use a touchless car dryer to force the water away from the paintwork.

Minimise the chance of harming the paintwork

This non-contact method of drying your vehicle eliminates the chances of incurring scratches and swirls in paintwork usually associated with drying cloths and synthetic chamois. In addition, the powerful blast of air forces water from around trim, side mirror casings, badges and grilles, preventing irritating water marks and streaks. Touchless Car Dryers dry every inch of your vehicle quickly and effectively to leave a perfectly streak-free finish.

Air dryers are particularly useful for ensuring that all remaining water has been dispersed from sticking points, such as around badges, grilles, metal trim and corners where rubbers and trim meet. However, they can get very hot, so care should be taken to ensure rubbers and plastics are not over heated, particularly delicate plastic windows on cabriolets. If in doubt, use a drying towel (refer to 8.1 Drying Towels vs Chamois) in conjunction with a De-ionising water filter (refer to 7.1 Rinsing Your Vehicle With De-ionised Water) instead.

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