9.2 Clay Lubricants – Water or Quick Detailer?

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9.2 Clay Lubricants - Water or Quick Detailer?
9.2 Clay Lubricants – Water or Quick Detailer?

All clay bars require a lubricant. Some can be used with water, some work better with a quick detailer spray (liquid suspension of carnauba).

Always follow the instructions as noted on the clay bar – if the instructions say to use water, then it has been formulated with this in mind. If you try to use a quick detailer with it instead of water you may find the clay starts to break down and disintegrate in your hands. Equally, if the instructions for a clay bar say to use a quick detailer, then water will not suffice and you may find trying to use water with it will cause the clay to stick to the paintwork instead of providing lubrication.

The single most important factor when claying is to ensure the surface being clayed is well lubricated. If there isn’t enough lubrication then the clay bar will mark the paintwork. Whilst this marring can usually be removed during the polishing stage it’s best to avoid making any additional work for yourself!

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