3.2 Drying Cabriolet Roofs (Fabric)

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3.2 Drying Cabriolet Roofs (Fabric)
3.2 Drying Cabriolet Roofs (Fabric)

Drying a cabriolet soft top is absolutely vital prior to applying a water proofer or fabric sealant. Once a final step product has been applied any moisture remaining in the soft top will become trapped causing the material to rot and disintegrate from the inside. Residual moisture will also encourage the formation of mildew.


  • Sunshine, or
  • Garage (preferably with dehumidifier), or
  • Hot Air Blower / Hair dryer

Sunshine Method:

  • Leave the vehicle in sunshine with the soft top in the ‘up’ position for a few hours (the air temperature and humidity will affect evaporation times). Do not leave the soft top in sunshine for longer than necessary as the material is yet to be protected (see 3.3. Protecting & Sealing Cabriolet Fabric Roofs).

Garage Method:

  • Place the car in a garage and depending on ambient air temperature, leave to dry for several hours and preferably overnight
  • Having a dehumidifier will help to draw moisture out of the material fibres quicker and more effectively

Hot Air Blower / Hair Dryer Method:

  • Switch the hair dryer on and set it to warm / hot
  • Keep the nozzle 8-12 inches from the surface of the fabric, work in long strokes
  • Be careful not to overheat rubber trim, paintwork or plastic windows

Of course, a combination of any of the above can be used, for example, allowing the soft top to dry in the garage overnight, then ensuring it is completely dry by using a hair dryer for a few minutes.

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