3.3 Protecting & Sealing Cabriolet Roofs (Fabric)

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3.3 Protecting & Sealing Cabriolet Roofs (Fabric)
3.3 Protecting & Sealing Cabriolet Roofs (Fabric)

Once your soft top is clean and completely dry, the important last step is to protect the surface from water ingress, colour fade as a result of UV rays and staining from environmental fallout. Most sealants will re-weatherproof and offer UV protection in one product. Most products are not harmful to trim or windows, but if in doubt use detailing masking tape to protect any sensitive areas.


  • Cabriolet water proofer / fabric sealant
  • Detailing masking tape (optional)


  • Step 1 – Ensure fabric soft top is completely dry
  • Step 2 – Apply water proofer / fabric sealant liberally, ensuring complete coverage, right up to the edges of the soft top
  • Step 3 – Allow to dry according to the manufacturers instructions listed on the product
  • Step 4 – A second application may be required depending on the product used

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