CTEK Car Battery Chargers & Conditioners – Charging Matters!!

In this day and age it’s not unusual for those with a petrol head / lead foot combination to have more than one vehicle in the household – one for the daily drive and one for those fun days, high days and holidays. Nothing takes the shine off those impulsive “It’s a lovely day, let’s take it for a spin” moments more than that instant when you’ve dashed out, whipped the garage door open, jumped in and turned the key and……CLICK! Nothing. Dead as the proverbial. It’s all the more frustrating when you come back from holiday, or from a business trip to find your daily drive like this.

The simple fix to this situation is to use a ‘smart’ battery charger to keep the battery in peak condition. But which charger to go for? And what differences are there between all the choices on the market?

Traditional Chargers – we all know these. You hunt around for the right sized spanner, open up the bonnet on the car, roll up your sleeves and struggle with the nuts on the top of the battery. With some heaving out comes the battery, you lug it indoors, pop it on the kitchen work surface (which doesn’t usually go down very well!) and plug in the charger, leaving it on overnight before having to lug the battery back to the car and screw it all back into place. No room for impulsiveness there. It’s also not a very good way to treat a battery – if batteries are allowed to fully discharge on a regular basis and remain discharged for a period of time, they lose the ability to fully hold a charge. Put simply – you have to buy batteries more frequently than if the battery were properly maintained. And this is where the CTEK range of smart charger & conditioners comes in to its own.

Unlike traditional car battery chargers which pour power into a battery at a constant (and usually rather high) rate until the moment you disconnect it, CTEK Car Battery Chargers feature “intelligent” computer-chip technology which means you can leave them connected indefinitely to your battery – without having to disconnect the battery from your vehicle. No spanners, no grease and no mess in the kitchen. All CTEK units have a conditioning mode which maintains a constant watch on your battery ensuring it is maintained in tip-top condition. And because they’re all ‘smart’ charger conditioners you don’t have to worry about over-charging the battery or damaging sensitive electronics. And you don’t have to worry about whether the car’s going to start! CTEK units are specifically designed to take the aggravation out of keeping your battery fully charged. And CTEK are so confident in their product their consumer units have a FIVE YEAR warranty period, and their workshop units carry a TWO YEAR warranty.

And it’s not just cars these are useful for. CTEK has a range of chargers for a wide variety of applications in 6V, 12V and 24V; motorcycles, lawn mowers, electric fences, leisure batteries in caravans and motor-homes, golf buggies, tractors and HGVs. They even have a marine battery charger range, specifically designed for jet skis and boats.

Their new and updated range for 2011 includes the CTEK MXS 3.6 12V Charger & Conditioner, the re-vamped version of the multi award-winning XS3600, as well as the CTEK MXS 5.0 and the CTEK MXS 10.0. The new range also features battery diagnostics, 8 step maintenance charging and sophisticated recondition modes for sulphated batteries. CTEK units both charge and condition batteries and require a minimum reverse voltage of >1V: most chargers require a reverse voltage of at least 5Vs. This feature is particularly useful with leisure batteries which are designed to become fully discharged. Additionally, many leisure battery chargers built into caravans and motor homes are not capable of fully charging leisure batteries, charging them only up to around 80%. CTEK units charge batteries fully, then cut out and periodically “pulse” batteries to read their residual power levels. When the level has dropped below 95% of optimum the charger will resume trickle charging to bring the battery back up to optimum. Clever, isn’t it!

So why choose a CTEK charger?

  • Simple plug ‘n’ play connection
  • No need to disconnect battery from vehicle
  • Suitable for all lead acid batteries including GEL & AGM
  • Fully automatic, ‘intelligent’ charging & conditioning system
  • Can be left connected indefinitely
  • Non-sparking, surge protected & reverse polarity protected
  • 5 year warranty
  • IP65 rated (splash & dust proof)

Additionally, CTEK has a selection of accessories to compliment the range of charger conditioners including a Cigarette Lighter Adaptor allowing for easy battery charging through the 12V socket, Battery Status Indicators which let you know whether the battery requires charging, and additional eyelet connector leads – handy when you have more than one battery requiring attention!

With all this going for them it’s not surprising CTEK units are supplied as original equipment by many leading car & motorcycle manufacturers including Aston Martin, Ferrari, Jaguar, Porsche, Rolls Royce and Harley Davidson!

So for peace of mind when leaving a car for a while, whether you’re going on holiday, a business trip or simply storing it carefully until it’s time to play – with a CTEK charger in place you’ll know your car is always ready to go whenever you need it.

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