The Gadget Show Top 50 – Ultimate Snow Foam Lance Kit!

All this week on The Gadget Show Web TV Presenters Jon Bentley and Pollyanna Woodward have been counting down the Top 50 Gadgets for Christmas!!

We knew that they loved our Ultimate Snow Foam and Ultimate Snow Foam Lance combination, what we didn’t know was just how much they loved it!  Each night we have been eagerly waiting to see where the kit would be placed and today we found out. The Gadget Show has rated our kit the #19 Top Gadget for Christmas 2011!!

Ultimate Snow Foam is an extra high-foaming, non-contact, pre-wash cleaner ideal for removing larger particles of dirt and grit prior to the usual car washing process. By lifting the grime away from the surface of the vehicle and carrying it off on a cushion of soft foamy bubbles, Ultimate Snow Foam helps minimising the chances of your vehicle paintwork getting scratched during the main wash process. And even better – it’s wax friendly, so it will not strip off any pre-existing wax layers already applied to the vehicle. Ultimate Snow Foam is designed to be used in conjunction with the Ultimate Snow Foam lance connected to a pressure washer.

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