New & Improved Ultimate Snow Foam Lances

Ultimate Snow Foam and Lance Kits have been taking the market by storm for some time now. As popular as the “2 Bucket Method” particularly with owners of dark coloured vehicles which are prone to showing every swirl, scratch and imperfection.

Ultimate Snow Foam is a non-contact, high foaming pre-wash cleaner designed to lift larger dirt particles away from the surface of paintwork thereby minimising the chances of introducing scratches into paint work during the washing stage. Whilst Ultimate Snow Foam can be used in conjunction with a hosepipe attachment best results are achieve using a Snow Foam Lance attached to a pressure washer. Snow Foam and high pressure water are mixed in the lance and, together with the diffuser in the end of the lance, create a thick, clinging foam.

The lances have changed very little over the last couple of years, but for 2012 we are pleased to introduce a completely new foam lance. The new design features stainless steel internal components which make it more durable, a twisting dial for selecting horizontal or vertical spray patterns, as well as a new reservoir bottle with 100ml increments embossed on the side. These new lances have been tested for use up to 3626psi of pressure! And of course you can still adjust product / water ratio to affect the thickness of the foam – simply twist the body of the funnel to alter the mix.

Available with attachments for most pressure washers including Karcher K-Series (Domestic), Karcher HD/HDS (Commercial), Nilfisk-Alto, Lavor,  Bosch and Kranzle.

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