Introducing Koch-Chemie – ‘Excellence For Experts’

Koch-Chemie Consumer Product Range arrives at Ultimate Finish

Committed to ensuring customers always have access to the best products available, UF is continuously looking for new ranges to complement their extensive portfolio of exclusive car care brands. One that recently made an entrance on to the UK detailing stage is German manufacturer, Koch-Chemie. Recently they sent samples to the Ultimate Detailing Studio for evaluation, including car shampoo, machine polishing compounds and pads, glass cleaner and leather products, along with their eagerly anticipated 1K-Nano. After extensive testing UF knew it was going to be a huge hit with both detailing enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Koch-Chemie Consumer Product Range arrives at Ultimate Finish

Koch-Chemie began as a family-run company making cabinets. Owner Hans Koch, increasingly frustrated with the poor standard of polishes and waxes for protecting their fine furniture, decided to create his own range capable of matching his exacting requirements. So, in 1968 Koch-Chemie came into being. Still a family-run business, Koch-Chemie now devotes itself full time to the creation of high quality cleaning, polishing and protection products for the automotive industry, with the attention to detail, level of perfection and technical ingenuity expected of a German brand.

Koch-Chemie’s products began simply as a Professional Range and its popularity grew rapidly, particularly in Germany where there are strict laws regarding the control of waste water and protection of the environment. Restrictions on washing cars at home has resulted in a booming, professional car wash industry and their effectiveness means that more than 25 million vehicles are washed and protected with Koch-Chemie annually. The professional detailing and valeting market is also thriving with professionals treating more than 2 million cars each year with Koch-Chemie products. Little wonder they supply directly to such premium marques as Porsche, Audi and McLaren to name just a few, and Mercedes-Benz, BMW and VW have given world-wide approval for the use of Koch-Chemie to maintain and protect their vehicles.

The secret to the effectiveness of the products undoubtedly lies in the extensive research that goes in to creating them. Something of a rarity, Koch-Chemie has its own Research & Development department populated with people who have many years’ experience creating products specifically for the professional automotive industry. The scientific approach to development is reflected in the product labelling, with each label clearly stating key information such as level of cut and gloss index.

Koch-Chemie Consumer Product Range arrives at Ultimate Finish

I’ve been testing the Koch-Chemie machine polishing compounds in the Ultimate Detailing Studio for a while now and I am really impressed with how effective and easy they are to work with. H8.02 is the best for making rapid progress on hard clear coats and the finer compounds leave a simply stunning gloss. Using Koch-Chemie means I can correct paint significantly faster and with less mess than other compounds. – Derek Ginger, Master Detailer, UDS.

The professional range consists of more than one hundred products, including prewashes, shampoos, leather care and paint sealants. This has been rationalised to offer customers a complementary product range that cares for all the surfaces of their vehicle, inside and out, from decontamination, pre-wash and cleaning stages, through paint correction with a variety of cutting compounds, polishes and machine polishing pads, and finally protection. The range also covers leather, glass, fabrics, wheels and plastics so that no part of the vehicle is left unprotected from the elements.

Koch-Chemie Consumer Product Range arrives at Ultimate Finish

The Professional Range far exceeds the requirements for most private individuals so it was streamlined to offer a simple, user-friendly comprehensive range. The Consumer line was created from the professional formulations so detailing enthusiasts can rest assured they’re receiving the same standard of powerfully effective products albeit in more manageable sized containers! – Chris McDonald, CEO Koch Chemie UK Ltd

A key cross-over product is 1K-Nano, a protective sealant based on nanotechnology. This sealant is so effective that last year it was applied to over 30,000 cars by commercial vehicle finishers and received a 99% recommendation rate! Unlike other nano-based sealants, 1K-Nano can be applied either by hand or by machine polisher. It forms strong covalent bonds with the paint surface to make it highly resistant to wash chemicals, acid rain, UV rays and abrasion and leaves the surface incredibly glossy and slick to the touch.

I was very impressed with 1K-Nano – applying it with a machine polisher means you’re able to lay down a uniform layer and the finish it leaves is incredibly reflective and slick. We tested it on a Mercedes SLS and the results were incredible, particularly as the SLS was silver which can be really hard to impart gloss to. – Derek Ginger, Master Detailer, UDS

Koch-Chemie Consumer Product Range arrives at Ultimate Finish

Unlike many nano-based sealants, 1K-Nano is easy to apply without the need for tightly controlled conditions that some nano-formulations require. As a result 1K-Nano can applied by enthusiasts in their garages at home.

We spent many hours testing the Koch-Chemie range in the Ultimate Detailing Studio as it’s important to us to determine how products work, ascertain their effectiveness and ensure they’re easy for our customers to use. This range ticked all the boxes and is a great addition to our existing portfolio. – Jez Gilman, Managing Director, UF

Koch-Chemie is available now at Ultimate Finish, with Free UK Delivery on orders over £49.95

See Koch Chemie 1K-Nano results in Ultimate Detailing Studio.